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BI 4.1 Decisions

Ethan Durda

While working with a few customers who have made the migration from prior versions to 4.1 this year, key decisions had to be made about how to use the system beyond some of the strictly technical considerations. Examples included choosing between HTML or Java viewers, IDT or Universe designer, etc. This discussion will be to review some of these key decisions and the logic behind them and the resulting customer experience.

Design Creationism

Michael Ward, Creative Technology & Training Solutions

An entertaining presentation that gives you a best practices guide to building universes. Includes index awarenesss, aggregate awareness, and other features for Designers.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Business and Data Security Profiles

Allan Williams, Manitoba Public Insurance

Business Objects 4 introduced the concept of Business Security Profiles and Data Security Profiles in the Information Design Tool. This presentation will focus on the improvements introduced in BI 4 with respect to restricting access to data when creating queries, displaying data and filters in a Business Security Profile. In addition, demonstrations will be performed illustrating how to restrict connections, controls, SQL, tables and rows using Data Security Profiles. The live demo will use the eFashion Universe and attendees will be able to download the Universe files after the conference.


  • An understanding of how Business Security Profiles work.
  • An Understanding of how Data Security Profiles work
  • Understanding how using Business and Data Security profiles can be used together.

Getting the most from the Auditing Environment on the BI 4.0/BI 4.1 Platform

Evan Davies, InfoSol Inc.

There have been a number of significant changes related to how activities are audited on the BusinessObjects platform between the XI 3.1 and BI 4.0/BI4.1 releases. This session will review the major changes as well as focus on how to get the best value from your audit database. Main topic areas will include:

  • How an effective auditing strategy can provide a complete understanding of you BI 4.0/BI4.1 operating environment as an aid to effective administration
  • Details of the architecture changes and configuration options
  • Review how best to get data from your audit database (including a sample audit universe and reports)
  • Best practices in managing your auditing environment

Managing the Migration from XI 3.1 to BI 4.0/BI 4.1

Evan Davies, InfoSol Inc.

This session will review the processes involved in migrating to the BI 4.0/BI4.1 platform. It will discuss the major elements and milestones of a successful migration project and review the key findings and experiences we have gained from the many migrations we have performed. Main topic areas will include:

  • The key components of a migration project – scope and implementation
  • What are the key decisions that need to be made and how do they impact the plan
  • Breaking down the migration project – key milestones, lessons learned
  • Key changes between XI 3.1 and BI 4.0/BI4.1 – different administration requirements and approaches required to manage the new environment

Monitoring and Auditing in BI 4.1

Minith Patel, InfoSol Inc.

Business Objects 4.1 includes a real-time monitoring solution.

This presentation will show:

  • The features of Monitoring
  • Probes and Custom Probes
  • Alert Levels in BI 4.1
  • Suggested setups using Monitoring and Alerting for system monitoring
  • Available 3rd party solutions for system monitoring

Multisource Universes

Allan Williams, Manitoba Public Insurance

Business Objects 4 introduced the concept of multisource Universes creating a single Universe with connections to different database platforms. This presentation will illustrate creating a basic multisource Universe from scratch. In addition, important considerations for configuring the Adaptive Processing Server to support multisource Universes will be covered. Finally, a complex real world multisource Universe pulling from MSSQL Server, Sybase and Access will be showcased.


  • Introduction to multisource Universes
  • Live demo creation of a multisource Universe
  • CMC configuration considerations for the Adaptive Processing Server to support multisource Universes

SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 with HANA: Mad(e) for Each Other

Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.

This session will benefit customers envisioning a new/run-better BI system in evaluating the advantages of building SAP BusinessObjects applications using HANA platform. Attendees will gain an understanding on how SAP HANA customers have implemented a next generation BI system and learn how BusinessObjects can leverage SAP’s in-memory BI solution to reduce wait time for reports and dashboards so the business community can react faster. Step-by-step guide for creating Explorer information spaces, dashboards using Dashboard Design and web intelligence reports on HANA will be demonstrated. Connectivity options for various BusinessObjects tools with HANA as well as tips and tricks for using BI client tools with HANA will be presented. The presentation will also cover the “Mobile First” approach towards BI-HANA implementation.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 with SAP: The Chemistry Works

Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.

SAP is the leader in enterprise resource planning market and the new BI 4.1 brings the best integration between SAP and BusinessObjects making it easier for every SAP ERP customer to incorporate BusinessObjects as a part of their BI Infrastructure.

This presentation will elaborate on how the new BI 4.1 proves to be a one-stop shop for enterprise BI and will benefit the customers evaluating the integration of BusinessObjects BI with Netweaver BW and ECC. The presentation targets clients who are looking for guidelines on how to use and deploy the SAP BusinessObjects BI Software in combination with SAP landscape. Attendees will gain knowledge on prerequisites for connectivity options, user management, ABAP Queries, query design in SAP Business Explorer (Bex) etc. and also about how the different elements of BW and ECC systems can be leveraged in the new BusinessObjects BI environment. Case study on BI implementation for an SAP ERP customer will be discussed and step-by-step guide for creating the first report and dashboard on top of SAP data will be demonstrated.

Streamlining Your BI 4 Migration and Advancing Your BI 4 Deployment

Allan Pym and Ofir Gil, APOS Systems Inc.

This session will provide an overview of key topics for planning and executing migrations for the SAP BusinessObjects 4 platform. This will include a discussion of the important factors of a successful migration, and the challenges of specific customer migration experiences. This session will then turn to focus on key areas for advancing a BI 4 deployment, including sizing and architecture tuning, the new semantic layer, and dashboard migration strategies. Discussion will be given to best practices and advanced technologies which can be used to assist with migration and advancement processes.

The Whole Universe is Against Me! What do You Get for Changing Your .unv to .unx Universe?

Chris Kruger, InfoSol Inc.

There are many questions that come with a migration to the 4.x platform. One major question that will need to be addressed will be whether you should convert your .unv universes to the new .unx format or not. Don’t worry, the whole universe is not plotting against you. In fact, after this session, you may think that the whole universe is on your side! This session will discuss why you would or would not convert, when you should do it, and the pros and cons of each. There are many impacts, some larger than others, and you will need to know the effects of the changes and your decisions, and when to make those changes. Case studies will be given to help you learn from what others have done to ensure your universe, and stars, align with your needs.

Third-Party authentication and Single Sign On in BI 4.1

Amy O’Neel and Jean-Francois Cayron, InfoSol Inc.

The number of available external authentication methods has grown again. This presentation will cover:

  • Active Directory
  • AD SSO
  • LDAP
  • Trusted Authentication
  • Custom Login
  • Other authentication providers

Tomcat 7 and Web Application Management in BI 4.1

Amy O’Neel and Jean-Francois Cayron, InfoSol Inc.

Business Objects 4.1 is now delivered bundled with Tomcat 7. This presentation will describe:

  • The architecture of the SAP BI web applications
  • How to (re)deploy web applications using Wdeploy
  • How to modify application parameters
  • The basic architecture and configuration of Tomcat

Understanding What is Happening on Your SAP BusinessObjects System

Evan Davies, InfoSol Inc.

What activities are really happening on your BI platform? How can you find out who is doing what? What reports are being used the least/most? This session will provide you with the insight to best understand the scope and use of your SAP BusinessObjects system to enable you to make the best informed decisions for system deployment/migration activities. The main topics will include:

  • What are the main components of your SAP BusinessObjects system and how are they related to each other?
  • What tools are delivered with SAP BusinessObjects to provide gain a better understanding of the system? (Query Builder, Auditing, Monitoring)
  • The use of third party tools to assist in the full system audit (360eyes)
  • Ongoing administration management best practices

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