Let’s Speak BO Healthcare

There are many healthcare and healthcare related organizations using BusinessObjects both embedded in existing applications (like Epic, Cerner, McKesson) and standalone. Business Intelligence has now become an integral and essential part of healthcare reporting and analysis be it clinical, operational or financial.

Based on feedback from many BusinessObjects Healthcare customers, InfoSol is launching a new initiative to provide a forum for these organizations to share their often unique experiences and challenges as well as exchanging ideas about how to get the most out of the BusinessObjects suite for healthcare BI solutions.

Join us for the first Let’s Speak BO Healthcare conference which will be held as part of IBIS 2016 dedicated to BO Healthcare topics. In addition to attending any sessions in this conference, attendees can also attend any of the regular sessions in the main IBIS conference and InfoBurst Experience event.

The Call to Papers for Let’s Speak BO Healthcare is now open.  We invite you to submit a BO healthcare solution, case study or technical session.  Just head on over to our call for papers post where will explain how and what to submit and then use the form at the bottom of the page to send us your submission.


InfoSol’s 2016 Best Dashboard Awards Open For Submissions

Dana Holding Corporation-Most Valuable Dashboard IBIS 2015     PAMF Best Business Dashboard Award IBIS 2015     USPI Limitless Business Intelligence Award IBIS 2015

Dashboards still dominate BI Solutions and they just seem to get better and more ingenious every year. Here is your chance to show your best BI dashboard solution and win one of the prestigious Best Dashboard Pyramid Awards and be the toast and talk of IBIS 2016.

The InfoSol Dashboard Awards are open to any organization that has developed a really interesting, cool, compelling or effective Business Intelligence dashboard application or solution that is being used for business benefit today.   You are not limited by which tool you use and the BI dashboard can be PC based, mobile or both.  What we are most interested in is the business issue that was addressed, the creativity employed and the benefits that it delivered to the organization.  Learn more about the 2015 winners here.

There are three categories for 2016 BI Dashboard Awards:

  • Best Business Dashboard
  • Most Valuable Dashboard
  • Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard

You are free to enter your dashboard for multiple categories and you can enter more than one dashboard.

What next?  Simply draft a brief explanation of the business issue, how it was addressed with the BI Dashboard solution and the benefits that resulted – along with a working example of the dashboard itself  (a link can be provided or a web cast can be scheduled if it is not possible to send a functional version) and submit it via the form below.   The deadline for Dashboard Award submissions is March 1st, 2016.

IBIS 2015 Keynotes


Paul Grill KeynoteLimitless Business Intelligence – Let’s Speak BO

There are many good reasons why SAP BusinessObjects is still the best BI suite on the planet. Most notably is the totally amazing and limitless business intelligence applications that organizations are creating with it every day.

Interestingly, many are finding that this can be done without making huge investments in new technology but by simply understanding and using the capabilities that exist in the core BO tools.

InfoSol CEO, Paul Grill, will share his insights on what has been happening with and around BusinessObjects in the last 12 months , show some truly Limitless BI solutions using BO and explain why the “Let’s Speak BO” movement is on fire.

ASUG and the BusinessObjects Community

Geoff Scott - CEO America's SAP Users GroupGeoff Scott | CEO for the America’s SAP Users Group

For nearly 25 years, the Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG) has been helping organizations best leverage their investments in SAP technologies. Through its nearly 40 chapters and close to 100 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), ASUG has nearly every facet of the SAP landscape covered. And Business Objects is no exception. Geoff Scott, ASUG CEO, will talk with us about the ASUG value proposition, and how ASUG can help the Business Objects user community achieve its goals

2015 Dashboard Awards

Find out who are this year’s winners of the prestigious InfoSol Best Dashboard Awards and see their winning solutions in action as they receive their much-coveted accolades.


Counting What Counts

Counting What Counts PresentersA look at what we measure and the questions that could lead us along creative paths allowing us to measure what at first may seem impossible.  It has been said that “Not everything that counts can be counted and that not everything that is counted counts”.

So with that statement in mind, in this keynote, Yolande Grill, COO of InfoSol, Inc. and Carrie Stengel, Data and Visualization Specialist at World Wildlife Fund will explore some questions and share insights about how BI can and does make a difference in the world today.

If that’s not enough, Carrie will unveil the answer to the question: “Can Tigers Predict the Future?”  and Yolande will announce the Xi Prize Initiative.


Let’s Speak BO Town Hall Meeting

An opportunity to both learn and share more about what is happening in the world of BusinessObjects. Moderated by Paul Grill, InfoSol CEO, the format will be questions and answers and include a panel of leaders and experts from the BusinessObjects community. You may submit your questions in advance by emailing them to bmustad@infosol.com and ask them live during the session.

IBIS Boot Camps Go Modular for Ultimate Flexibility

Learn How to “Webify the World” at IBIS 2015

New Year, New IBIS Discount

IBIS 2015 One Day Discount Up to $900

We’re in a new year now, so we wanted to throw a new special your way for IBIS 2015.  InfoSol’s Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS), is the premier BusinessObjects conference hosted in the beautiful Carlsbad, California.  This year’s theme is “Limitless Business Intelligence:  Let’s Speak BO,” occurring June 22-24th at the very popular and luxurious Park Hyatt Aviara Resort.

If you’re asking, “What’s in it for me?” then read on.  IBIS is the total package; for a spectacular price, you get top notch, laser focused BusinessObjects training, with hands-on boot camps, taught by industry experts, 5-star cuisine, a 3 night stay at a 5-star resort, and group events.  This is your chance to meet with BusinessObjects users from all over, share stories, exchange knowledge, and get the most out of your deployment.  If you want to learn even more about IBIS, visit our Conference Overview page.

On January 22, get ready to take advantage of a ONE DAY IBIS 2015 discount offer.  This offer includes $700 off of the main registration, while also knocking an additional $200 off when you combine either a pre or post-registration (or both) with your main conference registration.  That’s a total of $900 off!  Don’t miss out on this amazing, New Year opportunity!  On January 22, you’ll be able to use your discount code, which you can obtain in advance by filling out the form below.  Mark your calendar, tell your boss, do whatever you have to do to make sure you register for IBIS 2015 on January 22!

We hope to see you there this June!

Get Your Discount Code to Use on January 22 NOW! Complete the Form Below!

Mico Yuk Brings Data Visualization Offerings to IBIS 2014

Mico Yuk, Author of Data Visualization for Dummies and Founder of the BIDashboardFormula.com has become the latest addition to what is shaping up to be a BusinessObjects Dashboard and Data Visualization Lollapalooza1 at IBIS 2014.

Mico will be leading a half-day, interactive hands-on workshop at the pre-seminar on Sunday afternoon entitled, Data Visualization 201: How to make your visuals more ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Useful’ which promises to be both an eye-opener and a compelling learning experience in designing effective BI dashboards and data visualizations.

The Business Intelligence Dashboard Formula (BIDF) team will also be joining other partners at IBIS in the Solution Showcase events to share information about their future BIDF workshops and Mico will be discussing and signing copies of her new Data Visualization for Dummies book.

Mico will also be presenting a session in the Dashboard and Data Visualization track of the main IBIS event. The one hour seminar called, Building your first Data Visualization Roadmap – Think More ‘Visually’ will help transform report-focused designers into “visual enthusiasts”.

For more information on all the sessions and events at IBIS 2014, check out the current Tracks and Agenda for IBIS 2014 information.

1 An extraordinary or unusual thing, person, or event; an exceptional example or instance (from Wikipedia.com)

Data Visualization 201: How to make your visuals more ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Useful’ (Half-Day Session)

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Presenter: Mico Yuk, BI Dashboard Formula

Intended Audience:

This non-technical, three hour hands-on workshop will provide attendees with the foundation needed to make their analytics more impactful! Whether you are a beginner or a dashboard veteran, this fun filled workshop will take you through the fundamentals of dashboard design and then all the way into real world applications.


Attendees should have been exposed to, hosted, or participated in at least one full BI project before attending course. Newbies are welcome, but are warned to keep their seat belts on.


Taught by Mico Yuk, Author of Data Visualization for Dummies and Founder of the BIDashboardFormula.com, the course has been described as ‘eye opening!’ You should expect to leave with a razor sharp vision for proper BI dashboard design and a clear understanding of how to create or modify data visualizations to make them more ‘intelligent.’ By working in teams with your peers in hands-on exercises, you will then be asked to identify those principles in various dashboards.

Module Synopses and Major Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Dashboard Design – Review of basic and advanced design principles
  • Data Viz Do’s and Don’ts – A clear look at the do’s and don’ts of dashboard design
  • Real World Applications – How to apply the principles of design to real world dashboards
  • Add Intelligence to your Dashboards – Tips and tricks to make your data visualizations more intelligence and impactful
  • Team Exercise: Do you see it? – Each team will be assigned a set of dashboards and asked to identify areas where improvements can be made to make it more intelligent and impactful.
  • Team Exercise: Can you apply it? – Each team is asked to then take their recommendations and apply it to one of the dashboards presented.
  • Open Q&A

InfoBurst Enterprise for Beginners

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Presenter: Jeremy Champe, InfoSol Inc.

Intended Audience:

This hands-on workshop is intended for individuals who are new to InfoBurst and would like to learn the basics of the tool.  We will cover some of the easy to intermediate workflows used in BI report bursting, publishing, and delivery.


None.  However, being familiar with BI reporting software (SAP Business Objects, in particular) and basic SQL is helpful.


This course is intended to provide attendees with hands-on, guided learning focused on report bursting, publishing and delivery.  We will demonstrate various workflows in the tool then encourage attendees to go into InfoBurst and do them as well.

Module Synopses and Major Topics Include:

  • Introduction to InfoBurst
  • Cataloging Documents
  • Basic Publishing and Delivery – available formats and destinations
  • Multi-Pass Bursting
  • Single Pass Bursting
  • Intelligent Email Delivery
  • Parameter Aliases and Delivery Templates
  • Using the InfoBurst Scheduler


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Data Services Iron Chef

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Any successful BI solution/story stands on the strong foundation of reliable data. The backbone of BI visualization and reporting is sourcing the right data, transforming it appropriately and load into the reporting environment as needed by the tools for optimization and efficiency. This makes doing the ETL (Extraction, Transform, Load) part of the whole process right extremely key to success of BI project.

Presenters: Simon Boxall and Doug Evans, InfoSol Inc.

Intended Audience:

This boot camp is intended for ETL designers who wish to learn the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services toolset


Attendees should have basic concepts of ETL and good understanding of database design and SQL.


This immersion hands-on workshop will provide a guided approach to understanding and building ETL projects using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.

While the concepts and process of ETL will be the focal point of the course, this Iron Chef boot camp will also include Data Quality and Text Analysis transforms, data profiling and the newest feature from SAP Data Services – Information Steward to equip you with the latest and greatest tools available with the product. This will cover all the core functionalities of traditional Data Integrator and Data Services including using all types of objects, transforms, functions and more.

Module Synopses and Major Topics include:

1.   Introduction, concept of data warehouse, role of ETL

2.   Core Functionality – Architecture, Objects, hierarchy

3.   Building Projects, ETL jobs, Datastore, Workflow, Dataflow

4.   Using Functions, Scripts, Variables

5.   Concepts of Change Data Capture and implementing with Data Services transform

6.   Error handling, Auditing, Debugging, Recovery

7.   Administrator Role

8.   Data Quality

9.   Data Profiling

10. Text Data Processing – Process unstructured survey data using Unstructured File Format and Entity Extraction transform.

11. Information Steward – Scorecards, Metadata Management


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