Let’s Speak BO Healthcare

There are many healthcare and healthcare related organizations using BusinessObjects both embedded in existing applications (like Epic, Cerner, McKesson) and standalone. Business Intelligence has now become an integral and essential part of healthcare reporting and analysis be it clinical, operational or financial.

Based on feedback from many BusinessObjects Healthcare customers, InfoSol is launching a new initiative to provide a forum for these organizations to share their often unique experiences and challenges as well as exchanging ideas about how to get the most out of the BusinessObjects suite for healthcare BI solutions.

Join us for the first Let’s Speak BO Healthcare conference which will be held as part of IBIS 2016 dedicated to BO Healthcare topics. In addition to attending any sessions in this conference, attendees can also attend any of the regular sessions in the main IBIS conference and InfoBurst Experience event.

The Call to Papers for Let’s Speak BO Healthcare is now open.  We invite you to submit a BO healthcare solution, case study or technical session.  Just head on over to our call for papers post where will explain how and what to submit and then use the form at the bottom of the page to send us your submission.


InfoSol’s 2016 Best Dashboard Awards Open For Submissions

Dana Holding Corporation-Most Valuable Dashboard IBIS 2015     PAMF Best Business Dashboard Award IBIS 2015     USPI Limitless Business Intelligence Award IBIS 2015

Dashboards still dominate BI Solutions and they just seem to get better and more ingenious every year. Here is your chance to show your best BI dashboard solution and win one of the prestigious Best Dashboard Pyramid Awards and be the toast and talk of IBIS 2016.

The InfoSol Dashboard Awards are open to any organization that has developed a really interesting, cool, compelling or effective Business Intelligence dashboard application or solution that is being used for business benefit today.   You are not limited by which tool you use and the BI dashboard can be PC based, mobile or both.  What we are most interested in is the business issue that was addressed, the creativity employed and the benefits that it delivered to the organization.  Learn more about the 2015 winners here.

There are three categories for 2016 BI Dashboard Awards:

  • Best Business Dashboard
  • Most Valuable Dashboard
  • Limitless Business Intelligence Dashboard

You are free to enter your dashboard for multiple categories and you can enter more than one dashboard.

What next?  Simply draft a brief explanation of the business issue, how it was addressed with the BI Dashboard solution and the benefits that resulted – along with a working example of the dashboard itself  (a link can be provided or a web cast can be scheduled if it is not possible to send a functional version) and submit it via the form below.   The deadline for Dashboard Award submissions is March 1st, 2016.