Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Building a Web Intelligence Dashboard

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Tuesday, July 23rd at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join Senior Consultant, Roxanne Pittman, as she shows us how to build a Webi Dashboard! This session will explore different ways to design and develop interactive Dashboards using Web Intelligence features and functionality.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: A Few updates to the Admin Feature in BusinessObjects

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Tuesday, July 9th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join BI Expert Minith Patel, with InfoSol Inc, as he takes us through a session that will shed light on enhancements made in newer versions of BusinessObjects. With new service packs rolling out frequently, it is hard to keep abreast with what’s new and what is enhanced. Minith will cover topics such as Promotion Manager Wizard – a new desktop based tool, Monitoring in CMC and how to use it, BI Administrators Cockpit and what’s new with it. He will deliver this session with a few practical examples and best practices.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Automating Bulk Tasks Like Repointing Bulk Webi Reports and More

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Tuesday, June 25th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

BusinessObjects has added a relatively new tool to the BI Admin Console for administrators. The Automation Framework comes with some standard tasks like repointing Webi documents’ data sources but can also be customized to perform other tasks in bulk. For this presentation we will walk through the setup of the Automation Framework and creating and scheduling a group of tasks to run. This demo will also lead us into a discussion of two recent projects where the Automation Framework was used and some of its current strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: What’s new in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6?

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Tuesday, June 11th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join Senior BusinessObjects Consultant, Runali Ghosh, as she takes us through a fantastic webinar that will explore the latest features and enhancements with Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6. Runali will also provide a recap of SP5 and some bonus features of SP7.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Using Shared Elements in Web Intelligence Reports

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Tuesday, May 28th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us and Web Intelligence Expert, Steve Thatcher with A. Lange Consulting as he hosts a dedicated session exploring implementing Shared Elements in Web Intelligence reports. Shared Elements are part of SAP’s reusability direction and allow users to save time when creating new reports. This webinar will provide a deep dive into Shared Elements and discuss best practices for integrating this useful feature into your report development workflow.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Fire up your FIORI for Web Intelligence

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Tuesday, May 14th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Are you interested in the new FIORI features for Web Intelligence? Join us for Rajesh Ponnurangam’s webinar session on “Fire Up your FIORI”. This session will the new features and navigation capabilities of FIORI launchpad released in BI 4.2 SP6 & SP7. The interactive viewer for Web Intelligence will be covered in depth. This will be a perfect session for end users and report designers.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Upgrading from XIR2: Plan, Strategy and Execution of a Successful Upgrade

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Tuesday, April 30th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us in a very informative webinar of a recent upgrade done by a large company. BI Expert, Minith Patel, will share how this organization upgraded from XIR2 to BI 4.2 SP5. Learn about the process that was undertaken, how a plan was formulated, challenges encountered, and the steps taken to achieve a successful upgrade of BusinessObjects. This session is intended to equip our audience important lessons learned and solutions applied for any upgrades and migrations.

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InfoBurst Webinar Series



Join us for a webinar series where we’ll discuss all things InfoBurst. Each webinar will feature a variety of topics, including:

  • Education on InfoBurst features
  • Insights from InfoBurst users and developers
  • User Discussions
  • Development roadmap discussion
  • Announcements of upcoming events

Each webinar will have its own forum with webinar information and a video of the webinar if you are unable to attend the session.

Upcoming Webinars:

Topic Coming Soon – Wednesday, August 7th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Description Coming Soon

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Past Webinars:

InfoBurst Webinar Series – Tips, Tricks & What’s Coming in 2019 – February 6th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us and the InfoBurst team as we kick off 2019 with a line up of fantastic and informative webinar sessions dedicated to the InfoBurst community. Our kick off webinar topic will dive into scheduling within InfoBurst as well as what’s coming in 2019. Join Bryan Baca as he takes the audience through using action based schedules, advanced schedules based upon Date Macros, chain scheduling, scheduling external processes, and system-level schedule management.

To conclude the webinar Rajesh Ponnurangam will also discuss what our community can expect in the 2019 InfoBurst Roadmap including the new HTML UI, an update on InfoBurst Scheduling and Monitoring features, as well as a recap of the features that were delivered in 2018.

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InfoBurst Webinar Series – InfoBurst Best Practices with Real World Application – April 3rd at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us and BI expert Minith Patel as he shares real customer experiences on how InfoBurst can be set up and leveraged with best practices. This session will show how an organization upgraded from an older version of InfoBurst, how the new version is being leveraged utilizing it’s robust features and more. These Best Practices and real case study will also showcase how this organization uses InfoBurst for not only scheduling reports but also for performing few tricks to help support report management from within their BusinessObjects framework.

This webinar will also conclude with what’s coming in the latest build with a release date later in the month.

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BusinessObjects and Tableau – Learn how InfoBurst Tab delivers the best of both worlds. – June 5th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Learn why and how, Tableau with Business Objects is the best combination for enterprise BI.  The use cases for Tableau dashboards with BO content will be discussed. Tips and tricks designing BO content for Tableau will be discussed.  Deployment and scheduling of BO content to Tableau desktop and Tableau server will be demonstrated.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Building Visualizations in Web Intelligence – New and Improved

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Tuesday, Apil 16th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us and Web Intelligence Expert, Michael Ward with Creative Technology Training & Solutions, as he hosts a dedicated session on building fantastic and interactive visualizations in Web Intelligence. This webinar will showcase the latest features and enhancements to data visualizations in Webi and how users can take their reporting deliverable’s to a new and approved level of eye-catching designs. From input-controls to intra-document linking, our Speak BO audience will learn how to utilize native Web Intelligence visualizations to explore new ideas with their report development.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Ask the Expert – Live Q & A on BusinessObjects

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Tuesday, April 2nd at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us in a webinar not to miss with Samuel Polichouk, Product Expert for SAP France, as our audience get’s to ask live questions on anything SAP BusinessObjects, hosted by Paul Grill and Bree-Anna Mustad. This open format webinar will allow the Speak BO Community to gain insight and get answers to questions relevant to their work within the core BusinessObjects toolset.