Crystal Enterprise 4 for Beginners

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Duration: 1 Day

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Who is this course intended for?

This course is designed for people who are new to Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0 and need to learn concepts and theory.

What will I learn?

Never have enough time to sit down and learn how to build a Crystal Report? Then this is the right class for you! In this class we will learn the basics for creating a Crystal Report. You will learn how to create a simple report that has 1 prompt, 1 formula, 1 summary and 1 graph on it. The class will focus on the workflow of creating a Crystal Report from connecting to your data source to exporting the report for a user. The course focuses on the report features that you will use the most.

What should I know?

Knowledge of databases and database concepts, such as joining tables together, and some reporting background (it can be in other products)

Course Agenda

Day 1
  • Reviewing report requirements
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Converting a Crystal Report 2013 to Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.0
  • Learning the report canvas
    • – Database objects
    • – Text objects
    • – Formatting objects
    • – Sections
    • – Sorting
  • Groups and summaries
  • Record selection and prompts
  • Formulas
  • Graphs
  • Exporting and Printing
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