Data Discovery in BusinessObjects: Explorer and Lumira

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Presenter: Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.


  • Business Analysts and anyone wishing to do Data Discovery
  • Report developers and Technology Consultants




1-day (8 hours)


A key component of Business Intelligence today is data discovery. With SAP’s powerful Self Service BI solution users can now quickly unlock the value of data to provide valuable insights. This one-day course will benefit users looking for a solution to access, transform and visualize data in a repeatable, self-service way and get immediate answers to business-critical questions. This hands-on training covers SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1 and SAP Lumira


SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1 – Planning and Deployment

  • Accelerated vs. Non-Accelerated versions of Explorer
  • Deploying Explorer 4.1 as an add on to BOE Platform
  • BI Launch Pad (fka InfoView) Integration

Designing Explorer Information Spaces

  • Configuring Explorer Information spaces based on Excel and Universe data sources
  • Creating calculated measures, facet groups and utilizing universe filters
  • Indexing and scheduling Information Spaces
  • Explorer search Integration

Explorer User Interface – Visualizations, Navigations and Sharing

  • Analyzing the big picture and drilling down to details
  • Adding filters, changing visualizations, selecting multiple measures, creating on the fly calculations, discovering Top N and Bottom N, changing the order of facet values and measures
  • Search integration, best guess charts and customizing explorer User Interface
  • Exporting data/image, emailing the visualizations and creating bookmarks

Explorer advanced features

  • Enabling personalization and designing personalized information spaces
  • Creating Information spaces with geographic data and utilizing geographic maps

Exploration Views

  • Creating customized exploration view sets
  • Adding new exploration views to view sets and creating a dashboard-like exploration view

Explorer on IPad and IPhone

  • Steps to download and configure explorer on IPad and IPhone
  • Navigating explorer information space on an IPad/IPhone
  • Annotate and share visualization from IPad

SAP Lumira

  • Introduction to SAP Lumira desktop
  • Data source connectivity and acquisition features of SAP Lumira
  • Creating visualizations, hierarchies, story board and sharing them
  • Interoperability with BusinessObjects explorer and publishing Lumira to explorer
  • Compare and contrast BusinessObjects Explorer with Lumira
  • Introduction to SAP Lumira Cloud and Mobile compatibility

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