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Any successful BI solution/story stands on the strong foundation of reliable data. The backbone of BI visualization and reporting is sourcing the right data, transforming it appropriately and load into the reporting environment as needed by the tools for optimization and efficiency. This makes doing the ETL (Extraction, Transform, Load) part of the whole process right extremely key to success of BI project.

Presenters: Simon Boxall and Doug Evans, InfoSol Inc.

Intended Audience:

This boot camp is intended for ETL designers who wish to learn the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services toolset


Attendees should have basic concepts of ETL and good understanding of database design and SQL.


This immersion hands-on workshop will provide a guided approach to understanding and building ETL projects using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.

While the concepts and process of ETL will be the focal point of the course, this Iron Chef boot camp will also include Data Quality and Text Analysis transforms, data profiling and the newest feature from SAP Data Services – Information Steward to equip you with the latest and greatest tools available with the product. This will cover all the core functionalities of traditional Data Integrator and Data Services including using all types of objects, transforms, functions and more.

Module Synopses and Major Topics include:

1.   Introduction, concept of data warehouse, role of ETL

2.   Core Functionality – Architecture, Objects, hierarchy

3.   Building Projects, ETL jobs, Datastore, Workflow, Dataflow

4.   Using Functions, Scripts, Variables

5.   Concepts of Change Data Capture and implementing with Data Services transform

6.   Error handling, Auditing, Debugging, Recovery

7.   Administrator Role

8.   Data Quality

9.   Data Profiling

10. Text Data Processing – Process unstructured survey data using Unstructured File Format and Entity Extraction transform.

11. Information Steward – Scorecards, Metadata Management


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