Data Visualization 201: How to make your visuals more ‘Intelligent’ & ‘Useful’ (Half-Day Session)

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Presenter: Mico Yuk, BI Dashboard Formula

Intended Audience:

This non-technical, three hour hands-on workshop will provide attendees with the foundation needed to make their analytics more impactful! Whether you are a beginner or a dashboard veteran, this fun filled workshop will take you through the fundamentals of dashboard design and then all the way into real world applications.


Attendees should have been exposed to, hosted, or participated in at least one full BI project before attending course. Newbies are welcome, but are warned to keep their seat belts on.


Taught by Mico Yuk, Author of Data Visualization for Dummies and Founder of the, the course has been described as ‘eye opening!’ You should expect to leave with a razor sharp vision for proper BI dashboard design and a clear understanding of how to create or modify data visualizations to make them more ‘intelligent.’ By working in teams with your peers in hands-on exercises, you will then be asked to identify those principles in various dashboards.

Module Synopses and Major Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of Dashboard Design – Review of basic and advanced design principles
  • Data Viz Do’s and Don’ts – A clear look at the do’s and don’ts of dashboard design
  • Real World Applications – How to apply the principles of design to real world dashboards
  • Add Intelligence to your Dashboards – Tips and tricks to make your data visualizations more intelligence and impactful
  • Team Exercise: Do you see it? – Each team will be assigned a set of dashboards and asked to identify areas where improvements can be made to make it more intelligent and impactful.
  • Team Exercise: Can you apply it? – Each team is asked to then take their recommendations and apply it to one of the dashboards presented.
  • Open Q&A


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