Developing Amazing Dashboards Using InfoBurst XDC

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Mel Sheppard, InfoSol Ltd.

Intended Audience:

This hands on boot-camp is intended for Dashboard Designers wanting to know how to develop dashboards with fast and flexible access to large amounts of external data.


In this hands-on boot-camp, you will learn the features of InfoBurst XDC and the mechanism to build end-to-end dashboards powered by live data via InfoBurst.

All aspects of developing connected dashboard solutions will be covered, including best practices, accessing data, performance considerations and delivery of the final solution. Upon completion of this boot camp, you will be able to create connected dashboards using Dashboard Designer and InfoBurst XDC.


We would suggest a minimum of 4-6 months experience with Xcelsius or Dashboard Designer

Topics Will Include:

Dashboard Connectivity

  • Overview of Connected Dashboards
  • Options for data connectivity
  • Common Connectivity issues

XDC Introduction

  • Introduction to InfoBurst XDC
  • Overview of InfoBurst Connectors
  • Adding Connectors to Xcelsius

Preparing Data

  • Connected Dashboards – Where to Start
  • Understanding the Data
  • Data vs. Design

Using XDC

  • IBE Connection Manager
  • Caches vs. Cache Queries
  • Alternative data sources

Advanced XDC functions

  • Database Writeback
  • Save as Excel
  • Bursting Dashboards


  • Best Practices
  • Troubleshooting guides

Virtual Training Opportunity!

If you are unable to attend IBIS, but are still interested in this training, we are offering it as a two day long, virtual training course for $790 per person.  All course materials and connection to the training servers are provided prior to the course start. You can add it to your cart and check out below, if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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