IBIS 2014 Presenter Bios

Adam Lange, Lake Tahoe Community CollegeAdam Lange is a reporting and analytics specialist with a passion for data. He has worked mostly in higher education where he has developed countless reporting solutions. Adam lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife and more cats than he cares to admit.


Allan Pym, APOS Systems Inc.Allan Pym is the COO of APOS, and has been with APOS focusing on business intelligence solutions for 16 years.


Allan Williams, Manitoba Public InsuranceAllan Williams has 13 years’ experience managing all aspects of SAP Business Objects implementations. (i.e. Universe Design, Administration and Report Development) and is currently employed at Manitoba Public Insurance as a Senior Analyst responsible for the Business Objects reporting infrastructure for the corporation.


Amy O’Neel, InfoSol Inc.Certified as a BusinessObjects Certified Professional, in her 12 years with Infosol, Amy can often be found providing client installations and migrations, as well as universe, report and dashboard design. In addition to BusinessObjects products, she is well-versed in Version Manager, 360View/Plus/Eyes, Infoburst and other 3rd-party tools. Recently, Amy performed site use and performance audits at City of Calgary, WebCor, Loyolla Marymount University and Comdata, developed well-used dashboards for BP Alaska and McHenry College and trained users and administrators at Intel and BP Alaska. Amy admits her greatest passion is for process improvement in whatever form it may take and she loves to throw in extra value to every project.


Bruce Alexander, Presbyterian Healthcare ServiceBruce Alexander is the Director, Enterprise Data Warehouse at Presbyterian Healthcare Services – the largest Integrated Delivery System in New Mexico composed of a 450,000 insurance company, 8 inpatient facilities and approx. 4 dozen physician clinics. Bruce has been instrumental in the development of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence at PHS, leading the IT effort since its inception in 1998. He introduced Business Objects and related Data Warehousing technology/techniques to the organization and has provided technical leadership to the present. Prior to joining PHS, Bruce designed and developed Claims Adjudication systems for a Blue Cross consortium as well as for John Hancock Health Plans and related organizations.

Bryan Baca, InfoSol Inc.Bryan has been working with InfoSol, Inc since 2006. He is a product support manager, specializing in support and pre-sales for a variety of BI solutions, including InfoBurst.


Bree-Anna Mustad, InfoSol Inc.Bree-Anna provides education and training on different types of Business Intelligence solutions from SAP Business Objects Dashboards to Yellowfin BI. As a certified Business Objects Instructor, Bree-Anna has worked with a variety of tools in developing dashboards and reports to optimize functionality and enhance visualization. With a passion for Business Intelligence she also provides customers with demonstrations around solutions that are applicable to any size business.


Chris Kalaras, Antivia Inc.Chris Kalaras is a Senior Technical Account Manager with Antivia. With more than 16 years of Business Intelligence experience, he has spent the last 11 years focused on Dashboards. Chris has been developing dashboards since 2003, at CXOSystems he used the dashboard platform to productize, and data visualize GRC and IT Risk solutions. In 2007 he joined BOBJ and worked with SAP Dashboards (Formally Xcelsius), later he worked with SAP customers to embed dashboards as solutions for a SaaS and an OEM software provider. At Antivia he has worked with helping customers address limitations encountered with SAP Dashboards and rapidly deploying pixel perfect dashboards using HTML5 with DecisionPoint.


Chris Kruger, InfoSol Inc.Chris Kruger is an Account Manager for InfoSol, providing Business Intelligence solutions for a wide range of clients. His passion for business and relationship building supports his motivation to learn everything he can about his clients and their business. Chris has in-depth knowledge and experience with multiple BI solutions and specializes in Mobile Business Intelligence. Chris has presented at many events, most recently including SAP User Groups and the ASUG Business Objects User Conference in Orlando, FL. Chris is a contributing member to many Business Intelligence Groups including America’s SAP User Group (ASUG).


David Behr, USPIDavid Behr is a BI leader with a diverse background spanning 14 years in BI Solution Development, Management Reporting, Project Management and Operational Analytics and is focused on bridging the gap between technical and business teams to solve business problems and build actionable BI solutions. He spent 10 years with Amerisource-Bergen, a Fortune 20 company and one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical services companies, building out their BI platform. Spent close to 3 years with Rent-A-Center, a Rent-to-own industry leader with of over 4,000 stores within the USA and Mexico, tearing down their current BI infrastructure and rebuilding a more efficient and effective platform. David currently works at United Surgical Partners, who own and operate more than 200 Acute Care Surgery facilities, building out Business Intelligence from the ground up.


Donald MacCormick, AntiviaDonald has been an active member of the business intelligence community for over 20 years. At Antivia, Donald is responsible for bringing products to market that enable customers to get more from their investment in business intelligence technologies. Immediately prior to Antivia, Donald served for 2 years as VP Product and Engineering at ClairMail. ClairMail is a leading provider of mobile banking and payments solutions, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, Donald spent 20 years in the BI industry, serving in a variety of senior product management and marketing positions for SAP, BusinessObjects, Crystal Decisions, Seagate Software and Holistic Systems. Over the years Donald has spoken at many industry events and participated in panel discussions in a wide range of BI related topics.


Doug Evans, InfoSol Inc.Doug Evans is Technical Manager of Migrations and COBOL Solutions Support for InfoSol. During the last three decades (he started in the industry when he was 12 – well, not quite), Doug has served in several capacities including a computer operator, systems analyst and programming manager. He has been involved in many large scale mainframe migrations which required the use of specialized ETL and ODS tools. Most recently, Doug has developed and delivered a SQL Server Integration Services training course.


Eric Grill, InfoSol Ltd.


Ethan Durda


Evan Davies, InfoSol Inc.Evan joined InfoSol after spending 10 years at SAP BusinessObjects, where he had multiple roles including presales support and management, consultancy and training.  With over 25 years’ experience in IT, Evan has extensive experience in implementing large, mission-critical systems, coupled with many years in development, training and sales support over a wide range of hardware/software platforms.  Evan’s specialties include Crystal Reports and the BusinessObjects XI infrastructure.


Fred Bauer, Bauer ComputingFred has 25+ years of experience developing software applications for various industries including Manufacturing, e-Commerce, and Healthcare. His expertise centers on the Microsoft suite of products such as .Net, SQL Server, and Active Directory. His background also includes database design and administration.

Fred is currently consulting at Grane Healthcare and is responsible for internal web development, integration of data between various internal health systems and integration of ADP payroll information with key business processes within Grane Healthcare. In addition, he is a member of the Data Services and Dashboards/Xcelsius development teams.

Gary Holbrook, SET SEGGary Holbrook has been an information technology professional for 19 years. His education and experience spans both technical and business focused roles. He earned his MBA from Michigan State University and is presently the Director of Information Services for SET SEG. He has nearly 10 years of experience working with Business Objects.


Gopal Krishnamurthy, Visual BIFounder/CEO of Visual BI, more information coming soon!


Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.Greg Berns has worked on the InfoBurst product team since 2008, starting out supporting InfoBurst 2.6. When InfoBurst Enterprise was first released, he headed up the support and testing of the new product. This lead to being the support expert in charge of the ‘really hard to figure out issues’. Over the years, Greg has moved into a development role, responsible for developing the DriveBetter dashboard, BI4 support, and the revamped Support System. In his spare time, Greg enjoys hiking, camping, and learning about new web technologies.


Heather Sinkwitz, Trax TechnologiesHeather Sinkwitz specializes in building innovative Business Intelligence solutions. She enjoys presenting data in new and unique ways to aid customers in making informed decisions at a fast pace to remain competitive in today’s market and clearly differentiate the company for the future.She remains actively involved in the BI community through past or present participation on the board of the local Arizona Business Objects Crystal User Group, the ASUG Strategic Education Special Interest Group and Web Intelligence Influence Council, and speaking at local and national events. She is also a co-author of the book SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence currently on its second edition with SAP Press.

Heather brings her passion for business intelligence and analytics to her current role as the Analytics and Reporting Product Manager for Trax Technologies. Trax enables visibility and empowers trust between logistics supply chain partners through their innovative SaaS platform delivering clear, powerful and actionable visibility to their customers’ transactional history and enabling predictive intelligence. Trax continuously assures logistics service transactions are accurate, reliable, properly allocated and optimally funded.


Jake Tully, InfoSol Inc.Jake Tully started working for InfoSol as an intern in January of 2013, and has worked his way up to being a Technical Consultant after graduating from ASU with a CIS degree. He loves coding in HTML5, but loves CSS3 even more. Jake’s also been known to create a dashboard or two, and also helps demo a variety of products that InfoSol has to offer. Aside from being somewhat of a geek, Jake enjoys various outdoor activities such as wakeboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, hiking, riding motorcycles, and the list goes on.


Jason Dodo, Diverse Brands

Jason Dodo hails from Johannesburg, South Africa., where he graduated from University of Witwatersrand. After relocating to Los Angeles, he honed his expertise in Business Intelligence and Platform Development. During that time, he created exciting consumer products and brought them to market, implementing accounting and finance systems for global companies.

Jason has over 15 years experience creating high-end consumer products and successfully bringing them to market. As CEO of Advanced Beauty Solutions, he generated $24 million in sales in the first year and then followed up with an extremely successful direct response campaign. Prior to that, he was VP of Finance for Pure Beauty, Inc.

Today, Jason is CFO of a group of companies of which include Karbon Beauty™, an online beauty retailer, FHI Heat and Diverse Brands. In addition to his CFO positions he also is an active Board member of many of these companies.


Jean-Francois Cayron, InfoSol Inc.Jean-François has worked at all levels of BusinessObjects implementation and technical support in various types of environments, including successful projects at large organizations like the European Commission, SmithKline Beecham, and the European Bank of Investment. He has also managed a successful deployment of BusinessObjects throughout EUROCONTROL, the European ATC agency.


Jeremy Champe, InfoSol Inc.Jeremy Champe started his career with InfoSol in 2012 and became immersed in the world of business intelligence and InfoBurst in particular. In the two years since, he has become the primary product support tech and trainer for InfoBurst on both the bursting and caching sides. He has rewritten many of the training documents for InfoBurst and has delivered over one hundred hours of training on the product. He looks forward to continuing his education in the field of business intelligence and improving the InfoSol training experience. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, playing video games, hanging with friends, and immersing himself in geek culture.


John Wilcox, InfoSol Inc.John Wilcox started his career in Information Technology in the UK in the mid-1980s and quickly developed a passion for creating innovative new software solutions, the first of which provided a way to integrate Honeywell Bull and IBM Mainframe applications with PC/Web Apps.John joined InfoSol in 2001 and was introduced to Business Intelligence tools for the first time and began to think about ways to create new software that could be used to help customers make the most of their BI – and the first version of InfoBurst was created in 2003 to provide a flexible report bursting solution for Deski. Since this time, InfoBurst has grown into a mature report bursting & publishing tool used by many sites to control their Deski, Webi, Crystal, Microsoft and YellowFin report delivery needs.

Today as CTO, John leads the InfoBurst product team and continues to innovate in areas such as high performance dashboards, HTML5 Apps and Mobile.


Julien Drouvin, GB & SMITH

Julien is one of the GB & SMITH product managers who has been working on streamlining and extending SAP BusinessObjects software for years. He has done presentations at different user groups around the world.

Mark Cooper, British America TobaccoMark is an accredited SAP BI and BusinessObjects consultant with many years experience of architecting and deploying solutions and translating Enterprise Architecture vision into Solution Architecture reality. He worked with the BusinessObjects product stack since Seagate Info 6 through the Crystal, BusinessObjects and finally SAP acquisitions. Also experienced with Microsoft BI tracking back to the early days of Reporting Services for SQL 2000. He is primarily responsible (and usually accountable) for solution architecture and platform integration (Portals/IT Security/Authorizations/Broadcasting).


Mark Hudson, AntiviaMark Hudson has 19 years of experience in the business intelligence world in operational, leadership and product management roles. A serial entrepreneur, Mark sold his first venture, Blue Edge Software, to BusinessObjects in 2001. He then spent a number of years working for BusinessObjects in senior roles within the Product Group and latterly as Business Development Director and member of the management team in Australia.After leaving BusinessObjects, Mark joined the Executive Team at Edgewing, a data integration specialist, as Business Development Director. After Edgewing was acquired by BusinessObjects, Mark founded Antivia with a vision of providing decision-makers on the front-line of the organization with access to all the information they need to do their job successfully.


Mel Sheppard, InfoSol Ltd.Mel Sheppard is a Business Intelligence Consultant for InfoSol Ltd, providing support and development services to clients across Europe. With over 12 years experience in Business Intelligence and data integration, Mel has implemented and supported large scale Business Objects deployments within the financial sector. Passionate about the visual communication of information, Mel has been working with SAP Business Objects since 2006. During this period she has gained expertise in administering enterprise deployments and using Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) to develop intuitive, informative and insightful dashboards.


Michael Ward, Creative Technology & Training SolutionsMichael Ward has over 35 years providing technical high level consulting and training throughout North America. He has been heavily involved with business intelligence since 1990, and has worked with a number of different business intelligence products. He has over 17 years of BusinessObjects™ experience providing both consulting and training services. He is recognized as one of the top BusinessObjects™ instructors in the county by a number of national training companies located in North America. He is also involved in the development of BusinessObjects™ training for his company and for many of his clients.


Mico Yuk, BI Dashboard FormulaMico Yuk is well known in the Business Intelligence ecosystem as a community leader, BI influencer, controversial blogger, and the founder of the highly rated BI Coaching Series, the BI Dashboard Formula (aka BIDF), the weblog EverythingXcelsius.com and the ‘Xcelsius Gurus’ Network. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, her team of senior coaches and consultants work with Executives to transform their BI teams to meet the challenges in the new era of BI through a series of coaching, training, and consulting services.A computer engineer by degree, she has been designing and implementing enterprise dashboards for major corporate clients since 2006 and is considered to be one of the top data visualization experts in the world. First as a consultant and now through her company, she has helped to implement executive dashboard and reporting using the SAP BusinessObjects platform for customers such as Allstate, Pfizer, Aviva Canada, McKesson, Ryder Logistics, Digicel Jamaica, QatarGas, St. Jude Medical, Walgreens, Chiquita, LG, the US Airforce, Medtronics, SAP Global Marketing, Amtrak, Fresh Direct, Bank of America, and Nestle, to name a few. Her work has also been featured on a number of websites.

Mico’s most recent accomplishments include authoring, Data Visualization for Dummies (Wiley, 2013), being named one of the Top 50 Analytics Bloggers by SAP and being rated a #1 global keynote speaker at a number of global BI conferences.


Minith Patel, InfoSol Inc.Minith Patel is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant for InfoSol Inc. He is adroit in Business objects system administration and is well-versed in Version Manager and 360View. He has Project Management experience and has worked on global design, implementation and development projects for business objects and has over 5 years of experience in SAP industry. In his free time he is known to be a Japanophile.


Ofir Gil, APOS Systems Inc.Ofir Gil is the CTO of APOS, and has been with APOS focusing on business intelligence solutions for 18 years.


Oliver Prucha, InfoSol Inc.Oliver is a Business Intelligence Consultant for InfoSol who began his foray into Business Intelligence when he joined the company in 2012 shortly after graduating with a Computer Information Systems degree from Arizona State University. He is a SAP Certified Application Associate for both Web Intelligence and SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius, teaching courses and providing services for both tools. Striving to become a well-rounded Business Intelligence professional, Oliver continues to expand his BI skillset, having experience with also rendering services for Universe design, Crystal reporting, and IB Apps HTML5 Dashboards.


Paul Gonzales, InfoSol Inc.Paul is a Dashboard 4.0 (Xcelsius), Web Intelligence and Universe Design certified expert. Paul has built dashboards and provided extensive trouble shooting support for numerous clients covering Web Intelligence, Universe Designer and CMC Administration. When not consulting, Paul teaches bootcamps and SAP courses for Xcelsius, Webi, Crystal Reports, Universe Design, and Enterprise Administration.


Paul Grill, InfoSol Inc.Paul Grill started his career in Information Technology in the U.K. in 1978, as an Executive Data Processing Trainee for Honeywell. More than thirty years later, he still has a voracious appetite for learning as Information Technology continues to advance at an ever accelerating pace. He was first introduced to the world of Business Intelligence in 1991, in France, when he saw a demonstration of an early version of BusinessObjects on Windows 2.1. He returned to the U.S. to rave about this phenomenal product, but it was many years before BusinessObjects made it into the mainstream. Paul founded InfoSol in 1997, and made Business Intelligence one of the key solutions offered by the company. Today, InfoSol is a leading SAP BusinessObjects solutions partner, known for its expert consulting, education and innovative add-on solutions. Paul is well known within the SAP BusinessObjects community for his extensive knowledge of Business Intelligence, and he has lectured and written many articles on the subject. Paul enjoys writing, running and coaching kids soccer, and is passionate about Ancient Egyptology.


Paul Santaniello, Newmont Mining CorporationPaul Santaniello is a Data Architect with more than 20 years of Information Technology experience in data modeling, master data management, and data warehousing. His passion lies in architecting and driving the development for data warehouse solutions. He’s spent the last 14 years leading implementation efforts at Coors, MillerCoors, and Newmont Mining.


Rajesh Ponnurangam, InfoSol Inc.Rajesh Ponnurangam is a Senior Business Intelligence Consultant with Infosol. He is a SAP certified associate with extensive experience in design and development of Business Intelligence applications for apparel, retail, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. He specializes in Business Objects solutions, SAP HANA and BW data modeling. He has a proven track record in designing strategies for ETL, BI application development, implementation, rollout and support.


Rich Harvey, InfoSol Ltd.Richard Harvey is a Business Intelligence Consultant for InfoSol Ltd in Europe. With more than a decade’ of experience in IT, he has worked in a variety of report and data management roles. Richard has been developing with SAP Dashboards (formally Xcelsius) since 2006 and, combined with his data management experience, has produced a number of innovative online and offline dashboards. Richard joined InfoSol Ltd from a leading UK financial services organisation where he had been heading up their Business Intelligence project team.


Roxanne Pittman, InfoSol Inc.Roxanne is a Senior BI Consultant and has been with InfoSol for 8 years now. In addition to being a multi-certified instructor in reporting, universe and dashboard design, Roxanne has experience working with Fortune 500 companies as a consultant in the deployment of business intelligence solutions across the United States as well as in Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Roxanne’s passion for exciting data visualizations earned her the title of D-Va: Dashboard Visualization Artist, working with Xcelsius since 2006, Dashboards 4.x and most recently HTML5 dashboards using InfoBurst Apps. Roxanne shares Tech-Tips at http://infosolblog.com


Ryan Goodman, Centigon SolutionsRyan Goodman is Centigon Solutions CEO, author, global speaker, and expert in business intelligence. Ryan applies over 12 years of experience in designing business applications to his leadership role shaping Centigon Solutions strategy and innovation roadmap. Ryan currently leads a hand-picked team of experts at Centigon Solutions to deliver ground breaking desktop and mobile location intelligence solutions to SAP BusinessObjects customers worldwide.


Sakthikumar Rangarajan, Newmont MiningSakthi Rangarajan is a Senior Business Intelligence Designer with Newmont Mining. He has around 9 years of experience in design and development of Business Objects based Business Intelligence solutions for mining, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. He specializes in analytics and data warehousing for Global Supply Chain, Sales and finance. He has been part of four major data warehousing and reporting projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Scott Wilks, USPIScott Wilks is a Business Analyst for United Surgical Partners International (USPI) where he conducts cost-benefit analysis and automates certain areas of business using programming and intuitive system design. With a background in web design and development, he has learned the importance of data integrity, user acceptance, and the necessity of intuitive frontend user interfaces which he has brought to the table in different analytical and reporting systems designed to simplify reporting evaluation and user interaction. Discovering new strategies to automate current tedious processes, improving data integrity, and enhancing reporting accuracy are some of his main passions.


Simon Boxall, InfoSol Inc.Simon Boxall is a Senior Technical Consultant at InfoSol and data services guru. Simon has 20 years of Information Technology experience in the design, development and deployment of large-scale enterprise applications for the financial industry across Europe, the UK and the US. Simon currently works on ETL/Middleware projects and BI Java/Web applications.


Steve Thatcher, InfoSol Inc.Steve is a Technical Consultant for InfoSol. He is a Certified Web Intelligence Application Associate and, in addition to teaching the SAP Web Intelligence report design courses offered at InfoSol, provides Web Intelligence services to customers. In addition to Web Intelligence, Steve is also a Certified SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius Application Associate, and continuously stays abreast of the many offerings of the SAP business intelligence solutions suite. Steve’s business intelligence background is complemented by his over 13 years in Corporate Finance gaining experience in financial modeling, reporting, and information system development.


Tammy Datri, PMPTammy Datri has 30+ years working in the Information Technology fields in a wide array of capacities including Custom Application Development, Administration of Turn Key Systems, Project Management and IT Department Manager. Her experience has been primarily in the Manufacturing and Healthcare industries. She has 15+ years of BusinessObjects experience ranging from Administration to Universe Design and Report Writing. Tammy is currently the Applications Manager at Grane Healthcare and is responsible for the BusinessObjects EDGE and Data Services deployment as well as the ADP/Kronos timekeeping and payroll systems.She has served on various councils and influence committees with Business Objects (prior to SAP acquisition), ASUG and SAP. She was a member of the recent ASUG BusinessObjects Customer Advisory Board. Tammy is currently a member of the ASUG BusinessObjects Strategic SIG coordinating the focus topic on SAP BusinessObjects Education, SAP BusinessObjects Users Conference Program Committee, Developer Wars Committee and coordinator of the Pittsburgh BusinessObjects Users group since its inception in 2002.


Taylor Packwood, InfoSol Inc.A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems, Taylor Packwood began working at InfoSol in fall of 2012. Using a combination of his creativitiy and technical skills, he has developed a skill and passion in developing dashboards, choosing to specialize specifically in both SAP Dashboards as well as IB Apps HTML5 Dashboards.


Teresa Scott, InfoSol Inc.Teresa Scott joined InfoSol in 2008 as a Senior Technical Consultant. She has over 15 years’ experience in Information Technology and has been involved with BusinessObjects since 1998. She has extensive universe design and report development experience using Webi, Deski and Crystal Reports, as well as project management and user training.


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