IBIS 2015 Keynotes


Paul Grill KeynoteLimitless Business Intelligence – Let’s Speak BO

There are many good reasons why SAP BusinessObjects is still the best BI suite on the planet. Most notably is the totally amazing and limitless business intelligence applications that organizations are creating with it every day.

Interestingly, many are finding that this can be done without making huge investments in new technology but by simply understanding and using the capabilities that exist in the core BO tools.

InfoSol CEO, Paul Grill, will share his insights on what has been happening with and around BusinessObjects in the last 12 months , show some truly Limitless BI solutions using BO and explain why the “Let’s Speak BO” movement is on fire.

ASUG and the BusinessObjects Community

Geoff Scott - CEO America's SAP Users GroupGeoff Scott | CEO for the America’s SAP Users Group

For nearly 25 years, the Americas’ SAP Users Group (ASUG) has been helping organizations best leverage their investments in SAP technologies. Through its nearly 40 chapters and close to 100 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), ASUG has nearly every facet of the SAP landscape covered. And Business Objects is no exception. Geoff Scott, ASUG CEO, will talk with us about the ASUG value proposition, and how ASUG can help the Business Objects user community achieve its goals

2015 Dashboard Awards

Find out who are this year’s winners of the prestigious InfoSol Best Dashboard Awards and see their winning solutions in action as they receive their much-coveted accolades.


Counting What Counts

Counting What Counts PresentersA look at what we measure and the questions that could lead us along creative paths allowing us to measure what at first may seem impossible.  It has been said that “Not everything that counts can be counted and that not everything that is counted counts”.

So with that statement in mind, in this keynote, Yolande Grill, COO of InfoSol, Inc. and Carrie Stengel, Data and Visualization Specialist at World Wildlife Fund will explore some questions and share insights about how BI can and does make a difference in the world today.

If that’s not enough, Carrie will unveil the answer to the question: “Can Tigers Predict the Future?”  and Yolande will announce the Xi Prize Initiative.


Let’s Speak BO Town Hall Meeting

An opportunity to both learn and share more about what is happening in the world of BusinessObjects. Moderated by Paul Grill, InfoSol CEO, the format will be questions and answers and include a panel of leaders and experts from the BusinessObjects community. You may submit your questions in advance by emailing them to bmustad@infosol.com and ask them live during the session.

Speak Your Mind