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Automating InfoBurst with iBShell

John Wilcox, InfoSol Inc.

All InfoBurst users are familiar with the main UI (User Interface) but did you know that there is another way to interact with InfoBurst?

Behind the scenes the InfoBurst UI uses a powerful web API and this same API has been made available in an easy to use tool called IBShell that allows power users and administrators to issue ad-hoc commands or create reusable scripts that can be used to automate tasks such as User and Group Management or even creating a bunch of Bursts!

This session will introduce you to the Shell and show you how to do the simple things first and then progress to more complex scenarios that include building a burst from scratch.

BI applications using Dashboards and InfoBurst XDC

Rich Harvey, InfoSol Ltd.

A session to cover off examples of using XDC beyond simple data visualisation dashboards:

  • Using XDC writeback for survey questionnaires
  • Using XDC and IBE together to provide a mechanism for requesting report packs

Bursting Large Data Volumes Using InfoBurst Enterprise

Rich Harvey, InfoSol Ltd.

A detailed look at how the arval invoice schedule is structured to get the most out of InfoBurst and Business Objects to burst 10,000’s of reports out in a set time window.  This is covered in high level details in the case study, but this session is to give more technical details on how the schedule is achieved and the process of how I got there.

Topics to cover:

  • The importance of understanding the BO limitations for parallel processing
  • The importance of a highly tuned and efficient BO report
  • How the parameters for the burst were batched up
  • How the burst is created
  • How the bursts are chained together
  • Error trapping and automatic restarts
  • Monitoring using Xcelsius

Consolidate Report Content Delivery with Content Grouping

Bryan Baca, InfoSol Ltd.

BI report consumers are often inundated with files and attachments representing their various BI reports. Reduce that clutter with InfoBurst Content Grouping. Deliver a single file that contains a variety of reports, regardless of report type or source.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Grouping report content to PDF and Excel
  • Combining report content from various types of BI reports
  • Grouping content by various criteria like email recipient and bursting variable
  • Advanced grouping scenarios

InfoBurst Administration Best Practices

Jeremy Champe, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst is a mission-critical application in many organizations. Its robust feature set makes it an integral component of many enterprise BI solutions. InfoBurst administrators must be prepared to optimize the InfoBurst system while responding quickly to user and environmental challenges.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Deploying an InfoBurst server
  • Backup and recovery techniques
  • Platform and database migrations
  • System redundancy
  • Troubleshooting

InfoBurst and Mobile Dashboards with dCode

Matt Duligall and Richard Harvey – InfoSol Ltd.

Launching at IBIS, this sessions will showcase the first product out of the InfoSol UK Labs, dCode.  You will get to see dCode in action, and learn how it enables you to take your Xcelsius dashboards onto Mobile devices (including smart phones), whilst maintaining the InfoBurst XDC data connectivity.

InfoBurst – More than Meets the Eye

Noe Garcia, United Surgical Partners International

InfoBurst is more than just an application for report distribution. At USPI, InfoBurst is used in every aspect of Business Intelligence. From creating valuable and meaningful information packets for executives to using the tool as part of our data warehouse process, InfoBurst is at the center of it all.

During this session, you will learn how the BI team at USPI has solved a variety of business problems by leveraging InfoBurst (IB) to its fullest potential. One of the solutions we’ll discuss includes using IB to send out email alerts to facilities that are missing focus studies. Another solution will include how we used IB as part of the data warehouse team’s  ETL process for a data set that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Finally, we’ll also show you how IB can help keep BO licensing costs down by delivering reports and dashboards (Connected and Offline) to user portals instead of BO.

InfoBurst Tips & Tricks with Enhanced Bursts & Schedules

Eric Grill, InfoSol Ltd.

An InfoBurst user once described InfoBurst as a “BI Swiss Army Knife”. Sure, you know where the big knife and corkscrew are. But are you familiar with some of the lesser known, yet equally powerful, tools InfoBurst has to offer? In this session you will learn about various niche features that will enhance the value of your InfoBurst implementation.

  • Deploying an InfoBurst server
  • Backup and recovery techniques
  • Platform and database migrations
  • System redundancy
  • Troubleshooting

InfoBurst User Influence

InfoBurst Team, InfoSol Inc.

In this session the lead developers and members from the support team will talk about the roadmap for planned new features and invite feedback and ideas from current InfoBurst users.

InfoBurst Versus Core BusinessObjects

Allan Williams, Manitoba Public Insurance

A look at the core BusinessObjects functionality for report bursting, scheduling and distribution versus the advanced functionality and flexibility available in InfoBurst. A brief overview of how InfoBurst functionality is being used at MPI will be presented in this session.

Taking InfoBurst Apps Off-Line

John Wilcox, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst Apps are HTML5 applications that have either been created by the AnuBis Designer (no coding) or have been developed from scratch to solve a more challenging business problem and in many cases these Apps are consumed from a mobile device such as an iPad.

One of the most powerful features offered by the InfoBurst Platform is “Cache Query” whereby a potentially large data cache is created on a regular basis using data from Webi, Excel or any Database and then consumed within the App to provide a fast data selection / drill-down.

Up until now these Apps must be connected to the InfoBurst Server and therefore could not function without a connection but the new version of the InfoBurst Apps for iOS client now supports the ability to take an App fully off-line where both the App and the data cache are downloaded to the iOS device and can function without a connection to the Server.

This session will start with an introduction to Apps and show examples of using the AnuBis Designer to create a simple App that consumes data from a cache and then how this App can be consumed off-line using the iOS client for InfoBurst Apps.

XDC 101

Rich Harvey, InfoSol Ltd.

A 1 hour session to provide a quick introduction to the following topics:

  • What is an XDC?
  • What options there are to consume XDC (Xcelsius, IBapps, AnuBIs etc)
  • Cache vs Cache Query
  • Seeing it in Action demo

InfoBurst: The Interface That Delivers 66K Reports a Month for Comdata

Mike Reeves, Comdata

Comdata delivers reports to its customers (internal and external) via InfoBurst.  Those consist for 66,000 reports per month delivered on a daily, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.  I will show you not only how this many reports get delivered but also how I set up and manage the amount of reports and keep them updated.  I will walk through how we deliver reports via email and also to FTP through use of distribution list.

Customer Portal – A Competitive Edge for Sales (HTML5 with XDC)

Kim Marshall, The Waldinger Corporation

One aspect of our business provides equipment repair services for commercial customers, many of which have restaurants or facilities in multiple locations.  These repair services are provided for HVAC systems (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) as well as kitchen equipment (coolers, freezers, ovens, ice machines).

To visibly increase our level of customer service, we were challenged to provide a secure website where customers could view open calls by location and submit new requests for service on their equipment.  Amid feedback from Sales and Upper Management that a site like this would provide a distinct competitive edge, we were given a 3-month timeframe to deliver a basic Customer Portal.  Even though our team had little or no experience with web development, we did have strong database expertise.  We provided the database and stored procedures, and partnered with InfoSol to develop and deploy an HTML5 application utilizing InfoBurst XDC on the back end.  By using BI tools in a very practical manner, we successfully delivered a Customer Portal within the required timeframe.

Building HTML5 Dashboards with AnuBIs

Greg Berns and Jingxian Mao, InfoSol Inc.

AnuBIs provides business users the ability to create beautiful, powerful dashboards, that can be deployed to phones, tablets, and desktops. Last year AnuBIs was debuted at IBIS, come see all the new features that have been added, including designing a dashboard for multiple device types, off-line data access, and more.

Advanced InfoBurst Administration and Architecture

Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst is a critical piece of infrastructure that runs 24/7 at sites around the world, delivering hundreds of thousands of documents a month. Come learn more about how this is achieved, and gain a deeper understanding of the IB Architecture. This talk is primarily aimed at IB Administrators, but power users will also benefit.

Pushing Infoburst to Unimaginable Limits

Rochelle Henry, Rural/Metro Corporation

During this session, you will learn how the BI team at Rural/Metro solved a Finance department need to report on the different organizational structure rollups for their monthly projections with a single WEBI report utilizing:

  • multiple prompts
  • database query
  • delivery templates
  • “Slice and Dice” report delivery to network share creating numerous distinct files


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