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InfoBurst Development Roadmap & User Influence

John Wilcox & Bryan Baca, InfoSol Inc.

In this session the lead developers and members from the InfoBurst support team will talk about the roadmap for planned new features and invite feedback and ideas from current InfoBurst users.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About InfoBurst

Bryan Baca and Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

A user once described InfoBurst as a “BI Swiss Army Knife”. Sure, you know where the big knife and corkscrew are. But are you familiar with some of the lesser known, yet equally powerful, tools InfoBurst has to offer? In this session you will learn about 10 such features of InfoBurst.

Bursting Large Data Volumes

Rich Harvey and Mel Sheppard, InfoSol Ltd.

A detailed look at how the arval invoice schedule is structured to get the most out of InfoBurst and Business Objects to burst 10,000’s of reports out in a set time window.  This is covered in high level details in the case study, but this session is to give more technical details on how the schedule is achieved and the process of how I got there.

Topics to cover:

  • The importance of understanding the BO limitations for parallel processing
  • The importance of a highly tuned and efficient BO report
  • How the parameters for the burst were batched up
  • How the burst is created
  • How the bursts are chained together
  • Error trapping and automatic restarts
  • Monitoring using Xcelsius

Bursting & Scheduling Best Practices

Bryan Baca and Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst offers a myriad of options for scheduling and bursting BI report content. Learn how to leverage these options to implement an efficient and effective report bursting solution.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Multi-pass vs. single pass bursting
  • Sequential vs. parallel processing
  • Parameter source vs. document source
  • Parameter LOV validation
  • Delivery conditions
  • Available scheduling options
  • Event only schedule vs. frequency with event
  • Actions
  • Monitoring InfoBurst

Deep Dive with Anubis Designer

Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst offers a complete HTML5 Application Platform that allows organizations to build cutting-edge HTML5 solutions for both the desktop and mobile. In this session we will look at some example Apps. and also take a look at the new Designer that allows Apps. to be created without any programming.

In this session we will show the basics of:

  • Connecting data to dashboard components and charts
  • Use components to filter and query large volumes of data
  • Create beautiful, highly stylized dashboards
  • Control component and chart visibility

InfoBurst Administration Best Practices

Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst is a mission-critical application in many organizations. Its robust feature set makes it an integral component of many enterprise BI solutions. InfoBurst administrators must be prepared to optimize the InfoBurst system while responding quickly to user and environmental challenges.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Deploying an InfoBurst server
  • Backup and recovery techniques
  • Platform and database migrations
  • System redundancy
  • Troubleshooting

InfoBurst for Mobile

Bryan Baca & John Wilcox, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst offers a variety of solutions for delivering BI report and dashboard content to mobile devices.

In this session you will learn about:

  • PNG Image format for mobile
  • Packaging of Xcelsius dashboards for consumption on iOS and Android devices
  • Support for BI Mobile
  • Mobile HTML5 data visualization using InfoBurst Apps

InfoBurst & SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1

Bryan Baca and Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

SAP’s BusinessObjects BI 4.1 is finally here and offers a wealth of new features for BusinessObjects users. InfoBurst has supported BI 4 since its initial release in 2011 and fully supports the latest 4.1 release.

In this session you will learn about:

  • InfoBurst support for BI 4.1 report scheduling, bursting and delivery
  • Bursting of DeskI reports in BI 4.1 using SAP’s Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack
  • How to migrate an existing InfoBurst Enterprise environment to BI 4.1

InfoBurst & SQL Server Reporting Services

Bryan Baca, InfoSol Inc.

Do you use SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)? Most companies that use SQL Server leverage SSRS in some fashion. InfoBurst offers a robust solution for scheduling, bursting and delivering SSRS reports to the masses.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Bursting of SSRS reports
  • Publication of SSRS reports in a variety of formats like mobile-friendly PNG Image format
  • Delivery of SSRS reports to a variety of destinations like email and SharePoint
  • Scheduling of report delivery using advanced scheduling rules and events

Introduction to HTML5 Dashboards with Anubis

John Wilcox and Greg Berns, InfoSol Inc.

InfoBurst offers a complete HTML5 Application Platform that allows organizations to build cutting-edge HTML5 solutions. Business users need easy to use, drag-drop tools, that allow them to quickly build dashboards for both desktop and mobile. This session will provide an introduction to the new Anubis designer tool, show the current feature set, and discuss the future of the tool.

Leveraging the Power of Extra Columns in a Data Source

Bryan Baca, InfoSol

The Data Source is used to drive reporting bursting and delivery. However, the Data Source can contain other columns of relevant information that can be used to customize report file names, delivery paths and other aspects of report delivery. In this session you will learn how to access Extra Columns and how they can be used across the InfoBurst platform.

Topics include:

• Achieving personalized report format delivery
• Customized file and folder naming
• Personalized passwords
• Per-user FROM addresses in email

Object Promotion Preview

Bryan Baca & John Wilcox, InfoSol Inc.

Synopsis: InfoBurst users often have multiple InfoBurst server environments, including development, staging and production. The typical InfoBurst project often includes an array of objects, including reports, data sources, actions, bursts and schedules. Object Promotion (OP) will provide InfoBurst users the ability to seamlessly move objects between InfoBurst environments.

In this session you will learn about:

  • How OP works
  • Benefits of OP
  • Availability date for OP

Reduce the Clutter with BI Report Content Grouping

Bryan Baca, InfoSol Inc.

Synopsis: BI report consumers are often inundated with files and attachments representing their various BI reports. Reduce that clutter with InfoBurst Content Grouping. Deliver a single file that contains a variety of reports, regardless of report type or source.

In this session you will learn about:

  • Grouping report content to PDF and Excel
  • Combining report content from various types of BI reports
  • Grouping content by various criteria like email recipient and bursting variable
  • Advanced grouping scenarios

Tales of the Burst

Bryan Baca, InfoSol Inc.

In this session you will learn about how three InfoBurst users solved unique business challenges using the InfoBurst platform in conjunction with other BI tools.

Tales include:

  • Big Savings: Reducing BusinessObjects licensing with automated, offline dashboard delivery
  • The C-level wants what? (or giving them what they want, how they want it…)
  • Smoke & Mirrors: Delivering a dashboard snapshot from within a dashboard

Using an XDC as a Parameter Source in a Burst

Mel Sheppard, InfoSol Ltd.

In b123 functionality was added whereby you could use an XDC as a source for parameters in a burst. This session is to bring people up to speed with this latest addition to IBE providing some exaples etc.

There are a number of benefits of using this functionality in bursts:

  • No need to create physical tables with parameter data
  • Speeds up parameter input if the SQL to get the parameter data takes a long time


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