Information Design Tool Iron Chef

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Presenters: Teresa Scott & Jean-Francois Cayron, InfoSol Inc.

Intended Audience

Specialists responsible for the design and development of BusinessObjects universes in BI 4.


Attendees should have a basic understanding of data warehouse concepts, SQL programming, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and a minimum of one year experience as a universe designer.


This boot camp is designed to provide the universe designer with a solid understanding of the design concepts, workflow and development cycle of building a universe in SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool 4.1.  Participants will follow the process of designing the universe, creating a data foundation, creating business layers, testing during different stages of the development cycle and migrating a universe into production. Features such cascading prompts, calculated columns and shared projects will be covered.  Additionally we will use Data Federator to test performance on universes with multiple data sources as well as maximizing query performance and explore useful features of this tool.

Topics  Explored:

  • UNX vs. UNV
  • IDT Components
  • Data Foundation
  • Business Layer
  • Cascading prompts and parameters
  • Securing a UNX
  • Converting UNV’s
  • Data Federator and multiple data source universes

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