Keynotes at IBIS 2014

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Limitless Business Intelligence 2.0 : BI = Big Imagination

PG-keynote-image-v2Limitless Business Intelligence is a movement on the rise as more and more people use their imaginations to visualize amazing BI applications and then actualize them in just weeks.

The BI technologies and tools to do this have existed for a while and it is just a question of applying them creatively and effectively. In fact, many organizations are seeing the value of using BI tools for both fast deployment and better visualization for operational applications.

Paul Grill, CEO and Founder of InfoSol, will share his passion and vision for this new generation of BI applications and demonstrate examples of what is possible when  big imaginations create limitless business intelligence applications that make a positive difference in people’s lives.


2014 Best Dashboard Awards

Find out who are this year’s winners of the prestigious InfoSol Best Dashboard Awards and see their winning solutions in action as they receive their much-coveted accolades.

2013-dashboard-awards-palo-altoBest Business Dashboard Winner at IBIS 2013 – Palo Alto Medical Foundation



The Biggest BI Mistake of the Past 20 Years and How to Fix It

donald-maccormick-circular-headshotDonald MacCormick Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Antivia

The bad news is that over the last 20 years in BI, we have made the same mistake, over and over again. The good news is that this mistake is surprisingly easy to fix and boils down to asking a single, simple question and then listening to the answer.

In today’s BI market, fuelled by “Big Data” hype, the panacea vision of self-service, ad-hoc BI is back with a vengeance and this time it is wearing Data Discovery clothing. Although Data Discovery has an important place in our BI arsenal, the Data Discovery vendors are over hyping their benefits and through their implied “everyone is an analyst” messaging they are trying to force-feed analyst-focused ad-hoc / self-service / Data Discovery tools to regular end-users, and we have seen many times before how badly that ends up.

Everyone is not an analyst, most people need information in the flow of their everyday activities, and realizing this is the key to not repeating the mistakes of the past

During this keynote, you will learn:

  • About the enduring allure of ad-hoc/self-service BI and the paradox at its heart
  • Why the current market hype around self-service / Data Discovery is wrong because it ignores the 2 types of BI: “analyst BI” and “end-user BI”
    • How to make a clear distinction between analysts and regular end-users of BI
    • How to deliver a new style of BI that fits the needs of end-users

So, join Donald for this no holds barred session and hear his rousing call to arms, as he encourages you to join him in the fight against self-service BI as you look to drive BI adoption towards 100% in your organization.

Donald has been an active member of the business intelligence community for over 20 years. At Antivia, Donald is responsible for bringing products to market that enable customers to get more from their investment in business intelligence technologies. Immediately prior to Antivia, Donald served for 2 years as VP Product and Engineering at ClairMail. ClairMail is a leading provider of mobile banking and payments solutions, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, Donald spent 20 years in the BI industry, serving in a variety of senior product management and marketing positions for SAP, BusinessObjects, Crystal Decisions, Seagate Software and Holistic Systems. Over the years Donald has spoken at many industry events and participated in panel discussions in a wide range of BI related topics.

The Future of Business Intelligence Panel Discussion

A panel of Business Intelligence experts well known in the BusinessObjects community will both share their views and take questions on what they see as the future of Business Intelligence . The panel will include:

donald-maccormick-ibis-2014-panel-discussion_v3     mico-yuk-ibis-2014-panel-discussion-v3     ryan-goodman-ibis-2014-panel-discussion-v3     heather-sinkwitz-ibis-2014-panel-discussion-v3



IBIS 2014 Recap

A visual collection of the first two days of highlights and special moments from IBIS 2014.  Be prepared to be amazed and entertained .

Limitless Business Intelligence  Panel Discussion

A panel of customers who have all implemented their own flavor of Limitless Business Intelligence will share and answer questions on their solutions and experiences.  The panel will include:

David-Behr-2014-panel-discussion-v2     don-woods-ibis-2014-panel-dicussion     tammy-datri-ibis-2014-panel-discussion     sakthi-ibis-2014-discussion


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