Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Exploring Built-in Functions & Formulas

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Tuesday, July 12th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

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There are many formula functions built into the Web Intelligence report designer. Many of these functions are similar to functions found in other reporting tools, and many leverage the metadata within Web Intelligence, and the Business Objects platform. This webinar will explore using the formula editor to create customized solutions to challenging report design requirements.

Major Topics Include:

  • Overview of the Web Intelligence formula editor
  • Use many of the unique Web Intelligence built-in functions to build customize solutions such as:
    • Automate report titles, etc. by referencing user prompts
    • Display date values formatted based on the users locale settings
    • Reference ASCII codes (new line, currency symbols, etc.) in formulas and cells
    • Convert string and data values per report design requirements

Steve Thatcher, InfoSol Inc.

Steve is a Technical Consultant for InfoSol. He is a Certified Web Intelligence Application Associate and, in addition to teaching the SAP Web Intelligence report design courses offered at InfoSol, provides Web Intelligence services to customers. In addition to Web Intelligence, Steve is also a Certified SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius Application Associate, and continuously stays abreast of the many offerings of the SAP business intelligence solutions suite. Steve’s business intelligence background is complemented by his over 13 years in Corporate Finance gaining experience in financial modeling, reporting, and information system development.

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