Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Understanding Web Intelligence Calculation Contexts

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Tuesday, May 16th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us for an in-depth presentation on Web Intelligence Calculation Contexts. Allan Williams will demonstrate the most dynamic and user-friendly features of Web Intelligence, default aggregations, which limits report developers when creating required calculations in reports. This webinar will explore using advanced calculation context to create customized solutions to challenging report calculation requirements.

Presenter: Allan Williams

Allan Williams has over 30 years of combined Accounting and Information Technology experience. He began his career training to become an Accountant, but switched to IT in the early 90’s focusing on application development using various development tools such as Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, MS Access, Visual Studio.NET and MSSQL Server. Al’s introduction to BusinessObjects came during a week long training session on his first day in a new job in early 2003. Since then, his primary career focus has been on developing and enhancing his Business Intelligence skills. Over the last four years, Al has produced a number of YouTube video tutorials with a spotlight on SAP BusinessObjects 4x and has had over 300,000 views to date. When not working, Al enjoys spending time with his grandson and his animals – as well as spending plenty of time in the gym staying fit and pumping iron.

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