Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Web Services to and from BusinessObjects

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Tuesday, September 6th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

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Web services are useful for feeding data into and out of BusinessObjects to and from other applications. In 3.1 BusinessObjects introduced the creation of web services to come from Webi report parts for feeding data OUT of BO to other applications. Webi can also CONSUME web services as a data source directly via Webi Rich Client or, new in 4.1, as a connection option for a universe. Public web services are easily available as additional data sources for weather, stocks, monetary conversion rates, consumer stats, etc. and you can use this information to supplement your internal data. In this webinar we’ll walk through examples of bringing web services data into Webi reports both directly and with the new Universe connector type.

Presenter: Amy O’Neel, InfoSol Inc.

Amy is certified as a BusinessObjects Certified Professional.  In her 13 years with Infosol, Amy can often be found providing client installations and migrations, as well as universe, report and dashboard design. In addition to BusinessObjects products, she is well-versed in Version Manager, 360View/Plus/Eyes, Infoburst and other 3rd-party tools. Recently, Amy performed site use and performance audits at City of Calgary, WebCor, Loyolla Marymount University and Comdata, developed well-used dashboards for BP Alaska and McHenry College and trained users and administrators at Intel and BP Alaska. Amy admits her greatest passion is for process improvement in whatever form it may take and she loves to throw in extra value to every project.

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