Let’s Speak BO Webinar – WebI 4.1 SP06 Free-Hand SQL Queries, New Input Controls, and More

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October 20th, 10:00AM PT/1:00PM ET

Join us and BO Expert, Adam Lange, as we take an in-depth look at support package 6, the latest upgrade for SAP BI 4.1. Recently released this summer, the new support package includes several exciting features for Web Intelligence, including free-hand SQL data sources, global input controls, multi-column selections, and more. This session will offer an overview of the new features in SP06 and an in-depth discussion on best practices for the latest BusinessOjects support package.

Presenter: Adam Lange, A. Lange Consulting LLC.

Adam Lange is a reporting and analytics consultant with a passion for data. He has worked mostly in higher education where he specializes in BusinessObjects solutions.

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