Mobilizing and Turbocharging your SAP Dashboards with InfoBurst

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Presenters: Rich Harvey and Matt Duligall, InfoSol Ltd.

Designed to teach dashboard developers how to design and create dashboards to be consumed on mobile devices through SAP Mobile or InfoBurst IBApps.

On completion of this course you will have a good understanding of the process to create and deploy a mobile dashboard. As well as some tips and tricks to optimize your dashboard for mobile consumption.

Intended Audience

This hands-on boot camp is intended for dashboard developers wanting to know how to design dashboards for mobile consumption.


Minimum 6 months experience with Xcelsius or Dashboard Designer.
Knowledge of InfoBurst XDC will be an advantage, but not essential


In this hands-on boot camp, you will learn the end-to-end process of creating mobile friendly dashboards for deployment on SAP Mobile and InfoBurst IBApps.

All aspects of the process will be covered, including best practices, component compatibility, design considerations, hints and tricks, and turbocharging your dashboard with external data connectivity utilising InfoBurst XDC.

Major Topic Areas

  • Introduction to mobile development in SAP Dashboards
  • Differences between desktop and mobile components
  • Component compatibility
  • Building and Exporting the dashboard
  • SAP Mobile deployment
  • InfoBurst IBApps deployment
  • InfoBurst XDC data connectivity
  • Mobile design / look and feel
  • Hints, tips and cool tricks
  • Best practice and troubleshooting

Virtual Training Offering!

If you are unable to attend IBIS, but are still interested in this course, we are offering it as a two day long, virtual training course for $790 per person.  All course materials and connection to the training servers are provided prior to the course start. You can add it to your cart and check out below, if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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