Reporting With WebIntelligence Rich Client v4.1

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Presenter: Michael Ward, Creative Technology & Training Solutions (CTTS)

Intended Audience:

Are you looking for ways to expand your WebIntelligence™ Reports to include personal data files such as Excel and/or Text Files?   Did you know that Webi Rich Client provides that flexibility?  This 1-day interactive class is for BusinessObject™ users looking to include queries from universes as well as Excel and Text Files.


Included in this comprehensive all-day workshop is a series of hands-on sessions to reinforce the concepts taught in the class.  Users will learn basic reporting concepts all the way up to the most advanced reporting concepts.  Included will be a comprehensive chapter on merging multiple data providers.  There will also be a chapter on Tips and Tricks using WebIntelligence Rich Client Reporting Tool.


  • WebIntelligence Rich Client As a Reporting Tool
  • What Is Rich Client Reporting?
  • WebIntelligence/Rich Client Differences
  • What Is a Universe?
  • WebIntelligence  Rich Client Users
  • Getting Started With WebIntelligence Rich Client
  • What Are Objects?
  • Introduction to Blocks
  • Logging In
  • BI Launch Pad
  • Setting Preferences
  • Viewing/Copying Folders
  • Copying Document and Hyperlinks
  • Customizing BI Workspaces

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Workshop 1

Creating New Documents               

  • What Is a Query?
  • Adding Objects
  • Adding Filters
  • Using Query View
  • Data Preview
  • Using Report View
  • Saving Documents To Favorites
  • Saving Documents To Local File Formats

Workshop 2

Formatting Reports

  • Adding, Duplicating, Deleting, Renaming Reports
  • Using New Copy/Paste Functionality
  • Inserting / Removing / Moving Columns
  • Adding New Columns and Rows
  • Sizing Rows and Columns
  • Fonts, Colors, Etc
  • Hiding Objects
  • Justification

Workshop 3


  • Ranking
  • Breaking
  • Outlining
  • Grouping
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Calculations

Workshop 4

Multiple Data Providers

  • Adding Queries
  • Using Non-Universe Data Providers
  • Adding Local Excel Files
  • Merging Dimensions
  • Using BI Services
  • Creating documents from BI Services

Workshop 5

Advanced Formatting

  • Hiding Cells, Blocks and Sections based on formulas

Workshop 6

Tips & Tricks

Speaker Profile:

Michael Ward has over 35 years providing technical high level consulting and training throughout North America.  He has been heavily involved with business intelligence since 1990, and has worked with a number of different business intelligence products.  He has over 17  years of BusinessObjects™ experience providing both consulting and training services.   He is recognized as one of the top BusinessObjects™ instructors in the county by a number of national training companies located in North America.  He is also involved in the development of BusinessObjects™ training for his company and for many of his clients.

Michael has presented at many BusinessObjects™ groups throughout the country to high acclaim, including San Francisco, Dallas, New York City, Seattle, Portland, and many other groups throughout the country.  Michael is also coordinator for the Detroit, Indianapolis, Portland, Bay Area, Seattle and Grand Rapids BusinessObjects™ user groups, helping to organize meetings for those areas.  The last 5 years, Michael has done multiple presentations at the BusinessObjects™ International User Group Meetings, including both Dallas and Orlando.  He presented most recently at BONYMAUG (New York Area) and at ASUG Chapter Meetings in both Arizona and San Jose, both to standing-room only crowds. He has presented last 2 years at the IBIS Conference, and will again be presenting this year, doing a Pre-Conference Hands-On Workshop on WebIntelligence Rich Client Reporting.

He is an avid runner for over 45 years, and a major supporter of running programs in his area, having established several memorial scholarships.  He is also involved with Community Living Toronto, a special needs group of intellectually and developmentally challenged adults, where for over 11 years he has been bringing groups in for overnight trips to attend Detroit Tiger games, Detroit Piston games, Detroit Red Wing games, and Michigan State football games with his company and other local firms helping to cover all the costs.  Michael is heavily involved with the Macomb County Special Olympics, helping to raise thousands of dollars over the last 8 years to help support this group.  He recently received a national award for his work with the developmentally and intellectually challenged, as well as a local award for his work in the community.



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  1. Mike Pawloski says

    Can Webi Rich Client documents be scheduled using IBE?

  2. Hey Mike,

    At present InfoBurst does not support processing of WebI reports (.WID files) that reside outside of BusinessObjects Enterprise. Please log a support ticket with the details of your requirement and we would be happy to explore the enhancement.

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