Tableau Training – 3 Day Course

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Price: $495 per student, per day

Duration: 3 Days

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What Will I Learn?

Upon completion of this 3-day course, participants will have a solid understanding of Tableau software.  The course contains session material that covers both fundamental and advanced concepts for creating worksheets, dashboards, and stories in Tableau.   Advanced topics such as table calculations, parameters, filters, user-defined calculations (i.e. variables) and level of detail expressions will be covered.  Participants will be taught how to use dashboard actions to create interactivity between dashboard components and how to “drill-down” into more dashboards containing additional detail for specific data elements.   The web authoring capabilities of Tableau Server will also be covered.


Day 1

Who is this course intended for?

This course is intended for those new to Tableau wanting to learn the basics of creating Tableau worksheets.

What Should I know?

Nothing!  This course is an introduction to Tableau.


Introduction to Tableau

  • Overview of interface
  • Tableau File Types
  • Tableau Help
  • Tableau on-line resources

Managing Data Sources

  • Available Data Sources
  • Connecting to data
    • Connecting to SQL Server
    • Connecting to Excel
  • Data Interpreter Example
  • Working with extracts instead of live connections
  • Metadata and sharing data source connections
  • Joins and blends
  • Filtering data

Concept:  Continuous vs Discrete

  • Definition from Tableau
  • Green and Blue Pills

Managing Worksheets and Visualizations

  • Organizing Dimensions and Measures
  • Different Field Names Example
  • Show Me
  • Change Order Example
  • Split field example
  • Viewing Data
  • Show Hide Elements
  • Transform Data in Worksheet
  • Proper Case
  • Pivoting Data

Highlighting and Sorting

  • Highlighting
  • Sorting
  • Combined Fields to sort by multiple criteria


  • Selection Filters
  • Wildcard Filters
  • Condition Filter
  • Top Filter
  • Quick Filter


  • Creating Parameters
  • Editing Parameters
  • Filtering data using parameters

Day 2


Table Calculations

  • Overview of table calculations
  • Quick table calculations
  • Scope and direction

Predefined Functions and Calculations

  • Calculated Fields
  • Using predefined functions
  • Calculating percentages
  • Applying the If-Then logic
  • Applying logical functions

Groups and Sets

  • Groups
  • Sets
    • Combined Sets

Bins and Hierarchies

  • Bins
  • Hierarchies

Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions

  • Fixed LOD Example
  • Include LOD Example
  • Exclude LOD Example

Advanced Analytics

  • Trends
  • Distributions
  • Forecasting

Formatting Visualizations

  • Formatting considerations
  • How formatting works in Tableau
  • Adding value to visualizations


  • Chart Types
    • Continuous Area
    • Discrete Area
    • Bullet Graph
    • Packed Bubbles
    • Gantt Chart
    • Box and Whisker Plot
    • Histogram
    • Scatterplot
    • Dual Lines
    • Dual Combination
    • Circle Views
  • Annotating and Formatting Charts


  • Map Types
  • Map Tools
  • Map Layers
  • Map Options
  • Background Maps
  • Placing marks on a map
  • Overlaying demographic data
  • Customizing maps
  • Using custom geocoding in Tableau

Day 3



  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Arranging and Formatting Dashboards
  • How actions work
    • Filters Actions
    • Highlight Actions
    • URL Actions
  • Examples
    • Sales Dashboard by State/Province
    • Sales Dashboard with Linked Dashboard

Customizing, Presenting, and Sharing

  • Adding title and caption
  • Modifying font sizes and colors
  • Applying various marks
  • Adding colors, labels
  • Notes and Annotations
  • Changing marks sizes
  • Adding reference lines
  • Printing to PDF
  • Saving packaged workbooks
  • Creating a workbook data extract
  • Packaging workbooks with data
  • Publishing dashboards to Tableau Server
  • Publishing dashboards to Tableau Public


  • Stories defined
  • Story Point Navigations

Web Functionality – Tableau Server and Tableau Online

  • Content Navigation, Searching, and Filtering
  • Exploring Server Content Types and Objects
  • Updating Account Settings
  • Setting the Start Page
  • Viewing Version Information
  • Renaming a Project
  • Web Authoring

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