Better BI, SAP 4.3 Preview and Simpler Migration with Red Olive and InfoSol – Virtual Event – April 23rd

With SAP 4.3 on the horizon, join us for a virtual event and find out what the latest developments will be with Red Olive, SAP and InfoSol. Learn about smarter reporting tools, better Business Intelligence and enhanced migration and integration, which will help you increase productivity.

Whether you are an existing user or just curious about the new features in SAP 4.3, take this opportunity to see a live demo of the latest improvements planned in BI 4.3 in our virtual event. 

April 23rd at 3pm BST/7am PT/10 am ET

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3:00 – 3:20 pm | Smarter and Faster Migration – David Searro, Red Olive

With SAP 4.3 on the horizon, many businesses are already considering how and when they will move to the next version, but this is not without its issues. Migrating can take a huge amount of time and there can be many difficulties along the way that can be challenging to an organisation. Red Olive has developed a rapid migration approach, to speed up the migration and make it relatively pain-free.

3:20 – 3:50 pm | Maximising Your BusinessObjects Investment – Customer Case Study – Paul Grill, Infosol and Hazel Rasion, Lead SAP engineer, Hermes

While BusinessObjects remains the most widely used Business Intelligence suite in the world, organisations using it are not always maximising its potential in terms of getting its valuable content into the hands of the right people. This fascinating session will show how Hermes is pushing its BusinessObjects content to the masses and getting a great return on value in the process.

3:50 – 4:20 pm | Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 – Grégory Botticchio, SAP

Learn about the content of the next SAP BusinessObjects release. Whether you are an existing Web Intelligence user or just curious about the many possibilities of the most popular Enterprise reporting platform on the market, take this opportunity to see a live demo of the new features and improvements planned in BusinessObjects 4.3.

4:20 – 4:30 pm | Q & A

Let’s Speak BO: Now you see me, now you don’t! Part Two: Input Controls

Tuesday, January 21st at 10AM PT/11AM AZ/1PM ET

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In this live demo you will learn how to create multiple block reports within a document, then apply multiple drill blocks in a way to layer the blocks to show those blocks conditionally. In Part 1 of the presentation from last year we utilized the drill bar feature to drive the reporting. This year in Part 2 we will be utilizing input controls in a much more advanced way to make our reporting even more flexible. It has been enhanced to include the use of stop lights as part of the layering of the reports and will open your eyes to a whole new way of creating and layering reports in Webi, in ways never done before. It will give your reports more of a visualization like appearance.

Let’s Speak BO: Special features of IDT

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Tuesday, March 3rd at 10AM PT/1PM ET

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Join Enterprise Architect Minith Patel, as he continues to share his knowledge of IDT. This webinar will provide a closer look at Project Syncronization, Business View, and Security in IDT. Minith with also be providing live demos of these special features.

Let’s Speak BO: The Analysis Tab, Your Best Friend

Tuesday, December 10th at 10AM PT/ 11AM AZ/ 1PM ET

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In the Report Viewer Window the Analysis Tab is the most widely used tab. Why? It has all the major features that we use all the time to greatly enhance the look of our reports. It will include an in-depth look at each major feature and how to use it more effectively: Filtering, Grouping, Breaking, Sorting, Calculations and other features as well. There will be a comparison to show what they have changed over the last few years there will also be best practices when using the reporting functions. The presentation will be delivered via a live demo.

Let’s Speak BO: Location! Location! Location!

Tuesday, November 12th at 10AM PT/ 11AM AZ/ 1PM ET.

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Web Intelligence comes with some geomapping chart functionality, but what is really interesting is the geomapping engine underneath. We’ve had a couple of requests with mapping lately so we’re going exploring. Let’s take a look at google map linking and displaying as well as some zooming options into existing geomaps and even consider custom elements for geomapping.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: The New Web Intelligence BI 4.3 and its New Concepts

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Tuesday, October 29th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

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This session is for everyone’s favorite reporting tool: Web Intelligence. This session will give you a preview of the new reporting experience in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and an overview of the planned innovations:

  • What’s coming in the next releases, as well as the timeline and priorities for BI 4.3
  • How the user experience will change to facilitate end-user adoption and self-service interaction
  • The enhancements to the report authoring to make designers more productive

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: BusinessObjects with Next Generation Viz Tools: Tableau & PowerBI

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Tuesday, October 1st at 10AM PT/1PM ET

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Interested in Visualizing BusinessObjects data in Tableau or PowerBI? Are you evaluating Tableau or PowerBI? Find out why more than 50% of BusinessObjects customers in the US are also using Tableau or PowerBI and how to integrate BusinessObjects with these tools. This session will cover creating a visualization in Tableau and PowerBI along with how they can be integrated with BusinessObjects to create optimal BI solutions.

Tucson BusinessObjects User Group – September 12th 2019


Tucson Police Department

1310 W. Miracle Mile

Tucson, AZ  85705

Room: Rillito Meeting Room


12:30 – 1:00 pm | Check-In

1:00 – 1:10 pm | Welcome & Announcements

1:10- 1:45 pm | Building Web Intelligence Dashboards – Part 1 – Roxanne Pittman, InfoSol Inc

In this session we will create a Webi Dashboard use the 80/20 rule to  focus attention on the top performers and also incorporate Trend charts with shared elements.

1:45- 2:20 pm | Using Excel Files In Web Intelligence – Michael Ward, CTTS

This presentation will provide the user with a variety of ways Excel files can be used in reporting. It will include using Excel as a data provider, using Excel for a bridge file when encountering incompatible format types, as a dynamic filer file, and other uses.  IT will include an in-depth look at how to properly import an Excel files, where to store the Excel file, and how to update an Excel file without breaking the Webi Document.  It will include some nice tips and techniques when using Excel files. It will open your eyes to the real power of an Excel file.

2:20- 2:35 pm | Leveraging formulas in WebI – Ozlem Kacira, Pima Community College

We will show how complex formulas have been implemented in the reports to compare different snapshot data rather than using nested or subqueries. Also we will show how to add scrolling html marquee to make more attractive dashboards.

2:35- 2:50 pm | Break & Networking

Enjoy some delicious snacks and drinks.

2:50- 3:25 pm | Building Web Intelligence Dashboards – Part 2 – Roxanne Pittman, InfoSol Inc

This session will demonstrate how to add conditional formatting to a chart and use a dual slider to view data more precisely.  We will also show how to display key data points on chart – showing beginning, low, high and ending points for quick analysis.

3:25- 4:00 pm | IDT Overview – Michael Ward, CTTS

A high level look at building universes with the new IDT. Learn about creating connections, building the data foundation layer,  adding a business layer, and applying security profiles. Also learn about creating LOV’s and combining those with Parameters. Defining Context,  adding aggregate awareness, and sharing project will also be covered.

4:00 – 4:15 pm | Raffle & Prizes

Crystal Reports 2013 Beginner-Intermediate

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InfoSol does not currently offer Crystal Reports training, but you can view our other BusinessObjects training offerings on our BusinessObjects Training page

Price: Contact below for quote

Duration: 1 Day

See Course Availability

Who is this course intended for?

This course is designed for people who are new to Crystal Reports 2013 and need to learn concepts and theory. It is a hands-on course that will give you enough practice to go back and start working on reports in your environment.

What will I learn?

Have you always wanted to create complex pixel perfect reports but thought it would be too time consuming to learn?   Well this class is just for you!   In just one day, you will learn how to do this using Crystal Reports 2013.    This class will teach you the basics of creating a simple Crystal Report that contains prompts, formulas, summaries and graphs.   This class focuses on the complete workflow of creating a Crystal Report; from connecting to your data source to exporting the report for an end user. The course is activity intense – hands on and focuses on the report features that you will use the most.

What should I know?

Knowledge of databases and database concepts, such as joining tables together, and some reporting background (it can be in other products).

Course Agenda

Day 1

  • Crystal Reports Introduction, Snapshot of the UI and Exploring Data Sources
  • Basic Report Creation
  • Applying Filters
  • Sorting, Inserting Summaries and Grouping Data
  • Adding special fields and applying logos to report
  • Working with Sections and creating Summary Reports
  • Basic Formulas
  • Conditional Formatting & Highlighting Expert
  • Introduction to Charts
  • Exporting and Distributing options

Available Dates: