Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Getting Familiar with Promotion Manager

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Tuesday, June 13th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Environment migration isn’t what it used to be. This fantastic presentation, hosted by BusinessObjects Administrator expert Amy O’Neel, will look at Promotion Manager from the basic functionality, to the improvements in instance-migration and security migration in BusinessObjects 4.2. Amy O’Neel will also demonstrate the features that are still missing, which will allow users to still “get intimate” with Promotion Manager, without putting yourself into a compromised position by working with it. Tips & tricks within Promotion Manager will also be discussed and demonstrated to leverage this fantastic BusinessObjects tool.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Validating the Migration of Your Business Objects Reports with 360Bind

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Tuesday, May 30th at 10AM PT/1PM ET

Join us and BusinessObjects consultant, Doug Evans, where he will demonstrate the power of 360Bind to assist in the migration of your BusinessObjects Reports. 360Bind gives you the ability to create report bind tasks, launch and schedule the tasks, monitor the results of the report processing, export bind tasks to another BusinessObjects environment to be launched and run report comparisons between two BusinessObjects environments for detection of non-matching reports and aid in troubleshooting.

Let’s Speak BO Webinar: BusinessObjects Migration Do’s and Don’ts

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Let's Speak BO Webinar BusinessObjects Migration Do’s and Don’ts December 27 2016

Tuesday, December 27th at 10AM PST/11AM AZ/1PM EST

This session with guide you with the best possible ways to prepare and execute a BusinessObjects upgrade or update. Senior Consultant Minith Patel, InfoSol, will share his experience and list the Do’s and Don’ts in a best practice process that can help with a successful Upgrade/Update.

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Let’s Speak BO Webinar: Carroll Community College’s Smart BusinessObjects Migration

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Tuesday, November 3rd, 10AM PST/1PM EST

When faced with a BusinessObjects XI 3.1 to BI 4.1 Migration with few resources and a tight budget, Carroll Community College used their “smarts” and looked for efficient and cost-effective solutions to assist them. Carroll Community College Data Analyst, Daniel Demissie will explain and demonstrate how their organization utilized each of the 360 Tools to rationalize and migrate to BI 4.1. They used 360 Eyes to prepare for the migration and determine what actually needed to be migrated, 360 Plus for the actual migration of content and 360 View that they currently use as their primary security tool to maintain their BusinessObjects operations.

This session will look at each of the 360 Tools and how they interact with BusinessObjects in relation to migration, auditing, security, and maintenance.

Presenter: Daniel Demissie, Carroll Community College

Best Practices for Migrating from XI 3.1 to BI 4.0/BI 4.1

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Presenter: Evan Davies, InfoSol Inc.


A working knowledge of the SAP BusinessObjects and Administration is required


This session will cover the main aspects of migrating from XI 3.1 to BI 4.0/BI 4.1.  It will review the key milestones and decisions that need to be made and will review the major components of an effective migration plan: from the setting up of the new BI 4.0/BI 4.1 system through the process of migrating the content from the source system to the process of go-live on the new platform.  Main topics will include

  • Installing single/distributed BI 4.0/BI 4.1 server and client tools
  • Auditing your existing system to determine the scope of the migration
  • Building the project plan – order of events and dependencies
  • Managing public and private content
  • Migration tools – the Upgrade Manager – usage and parameters
  • Configuring & Testing the new platform
  • Go-Live activities and dependencies
  • Managing the new BI 4.0/BI4.1 environment – how does this compare to XI 3.1

This session will be delivered through seminar, demonstration and hand-on exercises.  Some key migration reference material will also be made available to attendees at the end of the class.


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