Let’s Speak BO Webinar: The Power of Program Objects, Automating Report Governance (and beyond) in the SAP BI Platform

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Tuesday, March 8th at 10AM PST/11AM AZ/1PM EST

SAP BI Platform’s Program Objects provide a simple convenient way to execute scripts and java code on a scheduled basis. Not only this, but the scripts you write allow you to “see” folders, reports, users and other objects residing on the BI Platform. This opens up a world of possibility for automating otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks, and extending your BI Platform’s capabilities. This presentation will walk you through creating and deploying a Report Governance Program Object, intended to ensure reports that users publish are properly documented. Major points include: Creating the Program Object, Deploying the Program Object, and Other Possibilities. Whether you are a developer or BI Administrator, this session will not only provide you the how-to but also the what-is-possible with your current BI investment. Join us and Don Collins, Senior SAP BI Solutions Architect with Connected BI, as we explore The Power of Program Objects.

Speaker: Don Collins has been pursuing the limits of technology ever since he programmed his first video game on a Texas Intruments TI99/4A computer as a teenager.

His introduction to SAP BusinessObjects began twenty years ago with Crystal Reports, for which he provided strategic training, report and custom application development to the healtchare and finance industries. Since that time, he has overseen the development and implementation of several custom add-on solutions for Crystal, Web Intelligence and the BusinessObjects platform. He presently serves as SAP BI Solutions Architect for Connected BI Solutions, Inc. which he founded in 2014, providing expert consulting for the full gamut of SAP Business Analytics technologies, including the new SAP RESTful SDK.

Don is an active speaker in the BusinessObject community. He still has not found the limits of technology and innovation but is having fun trying.