Using Web Intelligence 4.2 Like a Pro

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Price: $495 per student, per day
Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview:

This boot camp is designed for users and report designers that want to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.2 in a whole new way – the way it has been redesigned to use in BI 4.2 – and need to learn to access, analyze, and share data using Web Intelligence. We will present real-life challenges and show you how you can use Web Intelligence to solve them.

Upon completion of this boot camp, participants will be able to create, format, and maintain Web Intelligence documents. Participants will also be able to use complex functions, such as creating documents using multiple sources, use character and date strings, redefine calculation contexts, use “If” logic, as well as link Web Intelligence documents.

Intended Audience:

Web Intelligence Report Developers




MODULE 1 – Acquiring Data in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

Need to structure your report with the right data? Have multiple data sources? This session will cover the basic components on how to structure a report by pulling the right data from various data sources. It will also provide a summary of how to properly build a query and when to utilize query filters.

Major Topics Include:

  • Review Mockup
  • Queries & Filters
  • Time Dimension

MODULE 2 – Best Practice: Summarize your Data for Webi Reporting

One of the best practices in Webi is being able to summarize your data for reporting. This session will explore the use of tables in Web Intelligence based upon the circumstances in which summary to detail data can be displayed and utilized properly.

Major Topics Include:

  • Vertical Tables
  • Horizontal Tables
  • Cross-tab Tables

MODULE 3 – Basic Visualizations and Formulas in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

Get to know the basic visualizations in Webi along with the best formulas to help you organize your data. This session will demonstrate and discuss basic methods to organizing data in a much more presentable way with charts. It will provide a more approachable way to understanding what data is being displayed with the use of Waterfall Graphs, Sales Funnel and more.

Major Topics Include:

  • Basic Formulas
  • Sales Funnel
  • Waterfall Chart

MODULE 4 – Best Practice: Organizing your Data for Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

Web Intelligence continues to update the ways in which you can provide a more organized set of data to end users. This session will give an overview of these intermediate features and when to best utilize them so that you can create content rich reports.

Major Topics Include:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sorting/Ranking
  • Breaks

MODULE 5 – Advanced Visualizations and Formulas in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

Learn how to get the most out of your reports by exploring advanced visualizations and formulas in WebI. This session will take the audience through a variety of advanced visualizations, how and when the best time to use them, and different methods on interacting with the data associated with each chart type.

Major Topics Include:

  • Geo-Maps
  • Creating Alerts
  • Chart Comments
  • Heat Maps

MODULE 6 – Wake up your WebI Report with Interactive Features

Wanting to access specific data without compromising useful information? This session will provide an in-depth understanding of how to access specific data within a large data set without ridding a report of useful information.

Major Topics Include:

  • Input Controls
  • Element Linking
  • Drilling

MODULE 7 – Dive into your Data: Advanced Queries in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

This session will utilize more advanced features in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6 by taking a deep dive into Advanced Queries and merging data.

Major Topics Include:

  • Integrate Excel data
  • Filtering a query with another query
  • Merged Dimensions

MODULE 8 – Merging Webi Reports from Different Data Sources

Learn the powerful new tool of intra-document linking, which will be reviewed in this session. Organizing this data presentably can also be tricky so a review of relative positioning will also be included.

Major Topics Include:

  • Intra-Document Linking
  • Relative Positioning

MODULE 9 – Mobile Magic in Web Intelligence 4.2 SP6

This session equips the Web Intelligence report writer to develop reports that are designed for viewing on mobile applications. We will be covering the best practices for page layout and learning the chart syntax for creating mobile specific charts and displays.

Major Topics Include:

  • PDF publication for Mobile
  • Fiori WebI interactive viewer on Mobile