Web Intelligence XI 3.1 to BI 4.1 Delta Boot Camp

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Intended Audience

This course is intended for users and report designers who are experienced in Web Intelligence 3.1 and need to learn the new features and functions in Web Intelligence 4.1.


You should have experience using Web Intelligence 3.1


This course will help transition Web Intelligence 3.1 Report Designers to the new Web Intelligence 4.1 platform

Major Topics include:

Re-designed BI Launch Pad

  • Greater UI consistency
  • Document Tabs

New Features in the Query Panel

  • New data sources
  • Data Preview Pane
  • New universe objects

Query Panel

  • Toolbars
  • Data Manager
  • Adding Objects
  • Query Filters

Totally re-designed Report Panel Interface

  • New Ribbon theme layout
  • Organized in functional toolbars

Overhauled chart engine

  • New chart types
  • New workflow for building charts
  • Flexible visualization
  • Additional chart display options

New Report Options

  • Element Linking
  • Modified report filter workflow
  • Fit to Page
  • Hiding Dimensions

Copy and Paste Features

  • Re-use elements from document to document

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