Xcelsius Dashboards Iron Chef – Using SAP Dashboards 4.1

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Presenters: Roxanne Pittman and Taylor Packwood, InfoSol Inc.

Intended Audience:

This hands-on workshop is intended for BI dashboard developers who need to deliver complex, highly dynamic, efficient and visually compelling dashboards. Day 1 is in seminar format and is also intended for dashboard project coordinators and Business Analysts/ liaison between technical team and business users who will drive strategic and operational BI dashboard implementations. Day 2 and Day 3 are hands on advanced concepts to take the dashboard developer to the next level.


Attendees should have advance knowledge and at least 1-2 years of development experience with Xcelsius 2008/Dashboard 4.0.

  • Experience with building interactive dashboards with Xcelsius
  • Experience with building dashboards with Selectors and insertion options
  • Familiar with concepts like binding data, color, alerts within Xcelsius
  • Strongly familiar with Dynamic Visibility concept

Or – completed the Xcelsius/Dashboards Pre-seminar course


This course is designed to provide attendees with more guided and directed path for successful dashboard project implementation and empower them with the ability to take their dashboards to a whole new level where dashboards go beyond data delivery, encourage high user adoption and drive decision making. It includes but is not limited to learning features and tricks of the tool. Rather it covers an end-to-end approach for a full cycle of software implementation – starting from effective requirement gathering & efficient prototyping to visually compelling design and data optimization. It will also include some frequently requested attractive but not easily available solutions.

Module Synopses and Major Topics include:

  • Module 1: Course introduction and What’s new in Dashboards 4.1 sp2 (or latest)
  • Module 2: Requirements gathering with customer examples – seminar/open to all
  • Module 3: Prototyping – KPIs to visualization – seminar/open to all
  • Module 4: Prototyping – rapid approach to build Proof-of-Concept in a day – seminar/open to all
  • Module 5: Iterative design techniques – handling scope creep & effective reviews – seminar/open to all
  • Module 6: Data Optimization Part 1:  Mastering excel skills needed for the tool – hands on
  • Module 7: Data Optimization Part 2:  Performance tuning ideas and features to avoid – hands on
  • Module 8: Cool Visualization Ideas From the bag of tricks from the experts – hands on
  • Module 9: Mobility Options – discussion and hands on
  • Module 10: Outside the Box Charting – hands on
  • Module 11: Deployment and Connectivity options – discussion and hands on
  • Module 12: Ask the Experts – Your turn to ask us advice about your dashboard projects

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