Past InfoBurst Webinars and Recordings

You can view all of our past InfoBurst Webinar episodes and recordings below:

InfoBurst Webinar Series – Tips, Tricks & What’s Coming in 2019 – Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Join us and the InfoBurst team as we kick off 2019 with a line up of fantastic and informative webinar sessions dedicated to the InfoBurst community. Our kick off webinar topic will dive into scheduling within InfoBurst as well as what’s coming in 2019. Join Bryan Baca as he takes the audience through using action based schedules, advanced schedules based upon Date Macros, chain scheduling, scheduling external processes, and system-level schedule management.

To conclude the webinar Rajesh Ponnurangam will also discuss what our community can expect in the 2019 InfoBurst Roadmap including the new HTML UI, an update on InfoBurst Scheduling and Monitoring features, as well as a recap of the features that were delivered in 2018.

InfoBurst Webinar Series – InfoBurst Best Practices with Real World Application – Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Join us and BI expert Minith Patel as he shares real customer experiences on how InfoBurst can be set up and leveraged with best practices. This session will show how an organization upgraded from an older version of InfoBurst, how the new version is being leveraged utilizing it’s robust features and more. These Best Practices and real case study will also showcase how this organization uses InfoBurst for not only scheduling reports but also for performing few tricks to help support report management from within their BusinessObjects framework.

This webinar will also conclude with what’s coming in the latest build with a release date later in the month.

BusinessObjects and Tableau – Learn how InfoBurst Tab delivers the best of both worlds. – Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Learn why and how, Tableau with Business Objects is the best combination for enterprise BI.  The use cases for Tableau dashboards with BO content will be discussed. Tips and tricks designing BO content for Tableau will be discussed.  Deployment and scheduling of BO content to Tableau desktop and Tableau server will be demonstrated.

Burst Tips & Tricks and Leverage your XDC’s in Tableau & PowerBI – Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

Part – 1: Burst Tips & Tricks
You know how to create a burst. You may not know how about all the features a burst has to offer. In this section of the webinar you will learn about:

  • Delivery management
  • Bursting database queries
  • Advanced burst-level options
  • Document-level options

Part – 2: Leverage your XDC’s in Tableau & PowerBI
You have a lot of Xcelsius dashboards powered by XDC. What if you want to move them to Tableau or PowerBI?
In this section you will learn about:

  • Creating Tableau Dashboards with InfoBurst’s XML Data Cache (XDC)
  • 5 custom Tableau charts in 5 minutes
  • Creating Power BI Dashboards with XDC

InfoBurst Administrative Best Practices – Wednesday, October 16, 2019

InfoBurst is a mission-critical application in many organizations. InfoBurst administrators must be prepared to manage and optimize the InfoBurst system while responding quickly to user requests and environmental challenges.

During this webcast you will learn about:

  • Deploying an InfoBurst server
  • Backup and recovery techniques
  • Platform and database migrations
  • Disaster Recovery

Journey from Flash to HTML5 – Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Join us for an in-depth look at the new InfoBurst HTML5 user interface. We will discuss design concepts, improvements, upcoming features, and timelines.

InfoBurst Webinar: What’s New with InfoBurst and What’s Planned for 2020 & Beyond – August 19, 2020

Come and see the new features of InfoBurst’s latest Build, the new HTML UI and Tableau features. This session will provide an overview of recent product updates as well as see some ideas for InfoBurst that are in the works, planned or that are currently just ideas.

Getting more from InfoBurst with Squirrel365 – December 10th

InfoSol’s Paul Grill and Squirrel365’s Donald MacCormick will show you how easy it is to build stunning interactive dashboards and applications by leveraging your existing InfoBurst deployment in a fast-paced 30 minute live event.

Learn how to…

  • Get more from your InfoBurst deployment.
  • Deliver engaging dashboards and data visualizations.
  • Accelerate your business intelligence deployment.
  • Engage new users by delivering information in new ways.
  • Leverage your InfoBurst investment and lower your total cost of ownership.